StarTrek: 2380 THE GALAXY

The Dominion War It's been five years since the Battle of Cardassia, ending the Dominion War which consumed the entire Alpha Quadrant in one of the most destructive conflicts in galactic history. By the end of the war, the Federation was severely weakened, the Klingon Defense Forces were set back for decades, and there remained a catastrophic death toll for all powers involved. Foremost in the aftermath, however, was the state of Cardassia Prime. Eight hundred million civilians were dead, and the Cardassian Union was in danger of total collapse. The Alpha Quadrant had lost a major power, and the effects on galactic politics would continue to be seen for many years to come.

United Federation of Planets THE FEDERATION
Victorious in the War, the UFP found itself weakened militarily and straining to secure its territory. Starfleet losses were heavy, with nearly a third of its ships destroyed and casualties in the hundreds of thousands. There is anFederation Starfleet ongoing effort to rebuild. Older starships have been kept in service and new, more advanced designs are being produced. The Federation has also taken on the task of helping Cardassia recover, making the former Union little more than a Federation dependency. The real threat to piece, many believe, has shifted back to the Romulan Star Empire, of all the powers of the Alpha Quadrant the least affected by the war .

Bajor first vied for Federation membership in 2373. However, this was delayed by the impending Dominion invasion of the Alpha Quadrant. Bajor signed a nonaggression pact with the Dominion prior to the War, though some Bajorans were involved in fighting on the Federation side. Following the defeat of the Dominion, Bajor once again applied for Federation membership, which wqas granted last year (2379). The Bajoran military has been incorporated into Starfleet.

The Cardassian Union no longer exists. Cardassia Prime was devastated at the end of the Dominion War and most of the systems in the old Union, attacked by Alliance as well as Dominion forces, have broken away. In 2377, Cardassia was granted protectorate status under Federation control. It has been estimated that it will take decades before the Cardassian people are self-sufficient.

In 2373, the Cardassian Union launched a grand offensive against all of Cardassia's enemies. With their Jem'Hadar allies, the Cardassians swept the Demilitarized Zone, rapidly wiping out every Maquis colony. In the aftermath of the offensive, only small pockets of Maquis remained, isolated and completely impotent. Most of the survivors have been captured by the Federation and imprisoned. But a few remain on the run.

Klingon involvement in the Dominion War came at a high price. Following the brief but bloody Federation-Klingon War (2372-73), the Empire and the Federation fought side by side and many of the most important engagements of the war were conducted in concert. After the Battle of Cardassia in late 2375, Starfleet's Section 31 estimated that the Klingon Defence Force would not recover its losses until 2385. Currently, The Empire and the Federation are bound by the Khitomer Accords in a non-aggression pact. With the Romulans viewed as a threat by both sides, the agreement appears to be solid.

                                  THE ROMULAN STAR EMPIRE
                                           The emergence of the Dominion threat in 2370 Romulan Star Empire led to the first thaw in relations with the Federation. Though bound by necessity, an alliance with the Federation and the Klingon Empire was less than amicable. All sides knew a struggle for dominance in the Alpha Quadrant would follow once the war ended. In the Battle of Cardassia, the Romulans suffered heavy losses and, after the Dominion's surrender, the Empire withdrew into isolation again. Open conflict with the Federation or Klingons has been delayed by the Reman military coup of 2379, leaving Romulus preoccupied with its own internal issues. However, the threat of future Romulan aggression looms large.

                   THE FERENGI ALLIANCE
Ferengi Alliance The Ferengi maintained official neutrality during the Dominion War, though they believed their natural business interests to lie with the Alpha Quadrant powers. Since then, the Alliance has maintained its unaligned position, giving it significant economic influence in the Alpha Quadrant. Evidently, the Ferengi are taking advantage of the chaotic state of affairs in the old Cardassian Union to expand profits.

             THE BORG
The Borg Collective Nothing has been seen of the Borg since the return of USS Voyager in 2378 (two years ago). It is assumed that the destruction of their transwarp hub, resulting in the death of the Borg Queen and the devastation of the Unicomplex, has set back any plans they may have had to invade the Alpha/Beta quadrants. However, Starfleet remains vigilant and is continuing to integrate anti-Borg technology into new starship designs.


The Galaxy in 2380