Room Rules

Know and follow Whispering Realms Chatís AUP and BSR.

  1. Room Rating: This room is rated Adult for graphic descriptions of violence and some adult content. However, cyber-sex is not permitted and anything resembling child pornography will not be tolerated.

  2. The Setting: This is a medieval fantasy room. There are no modern, Wild West, Highlander, Robotech, World of Darkness or Harry Potter Cs. There are plenty of other rooms for those. Historic characters or those from literature (Lancelot, Gandalf, Robin Hood, etc.) arenít allowed either. Be original.

  3. Pics: Pic limits here are 350x350 pixels. Please keep character pics appropriate to the setting. Anime and cartoonish art are frowned upon. If you need help with your C, ask a Mod. Thatís what weíre here for.

  4. OOC: Out of character chatting is fine, just don't be disruptive and keep the cursing under control. Bracket your posts so everyone knows itís out of character. Openly offensive comments won't be tolerated. Neither will arguments. If you need to rant or want to butt heads, do it elsewhere, please.

  5. Mods: Any questions or problems concerning the room or RP therein, please ask a Mod. All Mods will be identified as such in their taglines. If, for some reason, you are asked to stop posting or modify your behavior by a member of Staff, please do so. Generally, youíll get a warning. Then itís out the door.

  6. Rules: Questioning the rules to a Mod in the room is fine if done politely. It wonít be taken personally, if itís not meant that way. Present your case, wait for a reply, and then accept the ruling of the Moderator. Even better if itís done via PMs, so as not to disrupt the flow of play. This is a themed room with some specific rules covering characters, combat and magic, so there probably will be differences of opinion. Just keep in mind that the Modsí rulings are final.

  7. Taglines: Please donít reveal your Cís entire life history in the tagline. Let some information come out through roleplay. Itís more fun to read the IC posts and a little mystery around a C is a good thing.

  8. Have Fun: Most of all, keep a healthy sense of humor. Getting offended in a chatroom is like being insulted by the weather. Leave real-world issues at the door. This isn't the place to pursue old feuds, discuss politics or (for the gods' sake!) religion. If you have issues with another Player, agree to disagree and move on, or - if absolutely necessary - bring it to a Mod. If you donít want to RP with someone, donít. No need to badmouth, just decline.

Relax and roleplay. We're looking forward to role-playing with you!

Shana and 'Hawk
Co-Owners of Adventures in Mythandar