Adventures in Mythandar is a free-form role-playing venue and Players are free to conduct combat in the traditional manner. The customary prohibition against god-moding stands:

  • No Character is invincible, invulnerable and immortal.
  • Multiple simultaneous actions, "sure-shot" unavoidable attacks, comicbook-style acrobatics and calling damage on your opponent are all against the rules.
  • Good role-players know how to mix realism with fantasy without stretching the bounds of believability too far.

    For those who prefer a little structure to their RP combat, as well as an element of real risk, a dice-rolled combat system is offered. This system is designed to compliment free-form RP, not interrupt or inhibit the flow of play, and it can easily be modified to fit virtually any role-playing style.

    In Adventures in Mythandar, a simple Die-10 system is used. Each Character gets at least one roll of the dice, using the dice-rolling function accessed via the chatroom's control panel. Bonuses are applied to the roll, based on Character Abilities and other factors.

    For many Players, the second dirty word in online RP (after "dice-rolling") is character stats. However, Characters cannot participate in dice-rolled combat without defining the basic abilities that effect actions in combat.
         Basically, all Characters are rated according to their level of fighting skill and experience. This follows the Character creation process wherein Abilities are selected from a list. Among them are several Abilities that directly effect fighting.
         Character fighting ability is rated as follows:

    Novice: No formal combat training or experience.
    Man-at-Arms: Formal training or experience in combat.
    Weapon Master: Expertise in the use of a single weapon type (sword, bow, etc).
    Champion: Expert-level training and combat experience.

    Rate your Character's fighting ability as you envision it, keeping in mind that there must be some explanation in the Character's background and history that explains his or her level of skill. For those Players using the Character Abilities system, advanced combat skills can be selected along with other abilities.

  • Combat takes place on a turn-by-turn basis, where each post in the chatroom is considered a single combat turn.
  • Each Character involved in combat is able to take action in the turn - attack and/or defend against attack, move, cast a spell or perform some other single action.
  • The success or failure of an attack in combat is determined by a single dice roll. Where a Character is able to make multiple attacks in the same turn, multiple dice are rolled.
  • A Character choosing not to attack, but only defending against attack(s), makes a single dice roll.
    Posting combat actions follows the established posting order. When a Character posts an attack, first the In-Character (IC) action is posted, followed by the dice roll. The Character's opponent, when it is his/her turn in the posting order, makes a dice roll and then posts response IC (including the result of the attack, if any). All posted actions within the posting order in a single turn of combat occur simultaneously.

    1.   The Player posts his/her Character's intended actions in the turn. If the action involves an attack against another Character, a Combat Roll is made.

    • Open the Dice function page from the room control panel.
    • Set the Player options on the dice panel, including Character, dice and bonuses.
    • When entering your bonuses, add them together and do not type a + sign in the box.
    • For multiple dice rolls, be sure to check the small box beside the BONUSES space so that your bonuses will be added to each die.
    • Indicate the purpose of the roll in the Action Comments line.
    • Left-click the ROLL button. Your dice roll score(s) will be posted in the room.
    2.   The opposing Character makes a Combat Roll in the same way.

    3.   The opposing scores are compared. The Character with the higher score wins advantage - meaning, his or her attack is successful and causes damage to the opponent OR the character's defensive action is successful.

    The exact results of attacks are up to the Players to post, using common sense and good roll-playing skills based on the situation. Optionally, combat results can be determined by the dice scores by subtracting the lower score from the higher and applying that result on the WOUND TABLE (below) for the losing character.

    Dice Result                    Effect
    0 or less                         Attack dodged/Protected by armor. No effect.
    1-5                                   Cut or Bruise - Jarring blow.
    6-15                                 Bleeding wound - Stunning blow.
    16-25                              Deep cut - Broken bone - Knock-out.
    26 or greater                  Deathwound.


  • How many dice do I roll?
    Each Character in combat rolls one 10-sided die per attack or, if the Character is only defending him/herself, one 10-sided die (the score is applied against all attacks against them).

  • Can my Character make multiple attacks?
    Yes, depending on the situation and the type of weapons used:
    - When using two weapons hand-to-hand (one in each hand).
    - When using a bow and the Character doesn't have to do anything else in the turn (move, dodge or defend him/herself).
    - Character's with SuperHuman Agility can make twice the normal number of attacks in a post/turn.

  • What are my C's bonuses?
    Using the fighting ability ratings (above), bonuses to the Combat Roll are:

    Novice                             0
    Man-at-Arms               +5
    Weapon Master          +5 (+10 with a single chosen weapon)
    Champion                    +10

    Optional for use of the WOUND TABLE, above.                    
    Fist or Kick                                                                                0
    Light Weapon                dagger, staff                                   +5
    Medium Weapon          sword, mace, arrow                    +10
    Heavy Weapon              battleaxe, crossbow bolt            +15

    Light Armor                    thick hide                                          -5
    Medium Armor              studded leather, ringmail            -10
    Heavy Armor                  chainmail, scale                            -15
                                             platemail                                        -20
                                             add shield                                        -5