The World of Mythandar© is a medieval world with medieval inhabitants. Nearly any type of character from fantasy literature can be found here - knights, wizards, elves, thieves, axe-swinging barbarians. Whatever type of fantasy character Players wish to play can be accomodated, within the basic framework of the room rules. Adventures in Mythandar has specific rules for character creation, designed to allow Players to fit their character concepts into the setting.


In Adventures in Mythandar, we are looking for the classic character arch-types of fantasy literature - the valiant knight, stalwart dwarven warrior, daring thief, mysterious mage, noble elf or pious priest. Everyone wants to have a character that is unique and special in some way, so imaginative twists are encouraged.

What type of character do you want to play? Come up with a character idea and flesh it out, using these guidelines and the World of Mythandar© background information. You may already have a character idea or even a previously established character that you'd like to fit into the Mythandar setting.

Following are the basic character details that need to be considered before beginning play:

Arch-Type     Warrior, mage, priest, elf, dwarf, ranger, thief, bard, etc. Choose a type and develop your C's background and personality to suit it. The warrior is most often physically strong, with a talent for weapons and a strong survival instinct. The mage has the talent and intelligence to use and understand arcane lore (as well as a common lust for Power). Priests are fanatic in their faith and devoted to the cause. Elves are noble, aloof and thoughful. Dwarves are stubborn, often greedy, and ever ready to wade into battle. Adventuring rogues are irreverant, cunning, and daring.

Race     Player Characters may be human, elf, half-elf, dwarf or halfling. Other races do exist in Mythandar and may or may not be available as PCs, pending consultation with Room Staff. Non-human races have special abilities, physical and magical, that should come into play.

Age and Gender     Develop a background and play the C accordingly. Keep in mind that in a non-modern world, gender discrimination does exist.

Social Class     Most of the cultures of Mythandar are feudal, with wealthy nobles ruling over large populations of poor commoners. Players are free to choose the status of their Characters, with a few restrictions, and social and political factors will be come into play.

Experience     effects the amount of skill and ability the Character will possess. A Character may be relatively young, starting out in his or her career or just beginning an adventuring life. Or, he or she may be older and more experienced. Very experienced veterans have been around for some time and have acquired more skills than the average person.

In free-form RP, it is assumed that Characters possess common skills, knowledge and abilities appropriate to the setting, their backgrounds, training and experiences. In a world without automobiles and electricity, most people know how to ride a horse and build a fire. Many know how to make common items for daily use, learning crafts as part of their upbringing or chosen profession. Fewer folk can read, balance a ledger, or speak a foriegn tongue fluently. Play your Character appropriately. Most people only rise to the level of expertise or mastery in a single field of endeavor.

For role-playing purposes, Players may select a number of broad skills and abilities from the list below. For those interested in using dice, some of the listed abilities include effects and bonuses that come into play.

Player Characters receive a number of selections based on experience.

  • Novice or Young characters can make three (3) selections.
  • Experienced characters get four (4) or more selections.
  • Older Veteran characters get five (5) or more selections.
  • Venerable or Very Old characters make six (6) or more selections.

    Selections required in parenthesis.
    Man-at-Arms or Skill-at-Arms (1) +5 to Combat Rolls.
    Weapon Master (2) +5 to Combat Rolls, +10 with chosen weapon (sword, bow,etc).
    Champion (4) +10 to Combat Rolls. *                                                                        
    Bard (1) musical skill, legends and lore.
    Frontiersman (1) hunting, stealth, survival skills.
    Healer (1) herblore, apothecary, sururgery and bone-setting.
    Master Craftsman (2) such as swordsmith, jeweler, stonemason, etc.
    Noble (2) member of the ruling class with wealth and social privileges.
    Scholar(1) literacy, knowledge of mathematics, history, etc.
    Thief (2) stealth, lock-picking, burglary.                                                                        
    Superior Prowess (1) strength or agility.
    Heroic Prowess (3) strength or agility. +5 to the Combat Roll.
    SuperHuman Prowess (5) strength or agility. +10 to the Combat Roll. *               
    Mage Apprentice (1) Magic Arts (PL1).
    Mage Adept (3) Magic Arts (PL3).
    Arch-Mage (5) Magic Arts (PL5).*
    Wizard (7) Magic Arts (PL7). *
    Monk (1) Rites and Rituals (PL1).
    Priest (3) Rites and Rituals (PL3).
    High Priest (5) Rites and Rituals (PL5).*                                                                     
    Magic Talent (1) one magical ability at PL1.
    Magic Talent (3) one magical ability at PL2.*
    Magic Talent (5) one magical ability at PL3. *                                                             
    Elven Abilities (1) Elven children and Half-elves only - enhanced senses, Power(PL1), Mindspeak, Superior Agility.
    Elven Abilities (2) Elves only - enhanced senses, Power(PL1), Mindspeak, Heroic Agility.
    Elven Abilities (3) Elves only - enhanced senses, Power(PL2), Mindspeak, Superhuman Agility.*
    Dwarven Abilities (1) Dwarves only - night vision, Power(PL1), resistance to heat and cold, Heroic Strength.
    Dwarven Abilities (3) Dwarves only - night vision, Power(PL2), resistance to heat and cold, Superhuman Strength.
    Halfling Abilities (1) Halflings only - exceptional hearing, Heroic Agility (agility), stealth.

    * Selection requires approval of Room Staff.

    Have an idea for an Ability to add to the list? Submit it to Room Staff for consideration. New and unique Character concepts are welcome, as long as they do not violate the spirit and setting of the room.