Among the magical orders, the mages of the Blue Star are preeminent in the West. They are secretive and obscure in their history and dealings, and the guardians of some very powerful artifacts and lore. Members are known by the blue pentagram tattoo on their foreheads (though they often disguise themselves so that the mark is not seen) and for some very public displays of power that have occurred in the past. They are bitter enemies of the Sorcerers’ Guild of the Inner Sea, and members of these two orders have clashed in public at least three times in the last century – once in Westhaven, when the resulting explosion and fire destroyed a fifth of the Docks Ward. For that, Izander, the Royal Wizard of Anglamar, barred them from Gondaran.

The Arch-Mage of the order is Falkard of Westhaven (Izander’s apprentice long ago), and that coastal city is known as their center of operations. Notable members include several mage adepts – the enigmatic Eldane, a former adventuring companion of the new King of Anglamar, is one. Competition and rivalries are rife among mages, and those of the Blue Star have their own. However, as a group they are known to be supporters of the King of Anglamar and allied with such groups as the Old Guard and the Northern Rangers. They are not regarded favorably by the Church of the New Faith, of course, and the Duke of Arandor has forbidden them to operate in that city (at the urging of the Bishop).

The number of Blue Star mages is unknown (to all but Falkard himself, it’s said). According to Eldane, entrance into the Order does not require apprenticeship to a member and they have no formal school for apprentice training, as does the Sorcerers’ Guild. The criteria for entrance into the ranks of the Blue Star are not discussed openly. It is widely rumored that potential members must be invited and then pass a harrowing test of magical expertise to gain admittance. Whatever the benefits of membership, they are closely kept secrets and evidently worth the peril.