Adventures in Mythandar is a fantasy adventure role-playing chatroom, set in the World of Mythandar©. It is a world of knights and wizards, elves and dragons, gods, demons and just about any other creature you can imagine from fantasy literature and myth. It is an entire world – not just an inn or a town or even a kingdom. Magic is real here. There are heroes and villains and daring quests, dark intrigues and mysteries waiting to be solved. Nobles rule from their castles, warriors ride to battle in steel armor and mages work their spells.

As a Player, you are invited to become a part of this world. Fantasy characters are what we’re looking for and there is plenty of background information to give you a clear idea and feel for the world. And, there will be ample opportunity to add to it, stories to be read and new tales to be written.

Mythandar is a world – a planet, if you like. There is a sun, a moon, seasons, geography, a history. There are the physical laws of nature that say you can’t jump off the walls of a castle and expect to fly (and magical laws that say you can). It rains, snows, the wind blows and the sun shines. Time passes and things change while some things stay the same.
     As a "reality," Mythandar is a realm where magic is real, the gods exist, and dragons really do breathe fire. It’s also a place where people get hurt, become hungry, grow old and have children. It’s a mix of the realistic and the imaginary.

Currently, the northwestern region of Mythandar is open for role-play. Anglamar and the West is an extensive and detailed setting, resembling Western Europe during the early Middle Ages, with all of the elements of classic medieval fantasy, literature and legend. More of the world will be opened up as the setting is expanded, including the Inner Sea Lands, Caradune and the Mysterious East.

Adventures in Mythandar is a free-form RP room with a unique and exciting system for managing both combat and magic in the chatroom venue. We encourage anyone with an interest in the sword-and-sorcery or fantasy genres to come in and play. For those who prefer a little structure to their role-playing, basic rules on character creation, magic and dice-rolling combat are provided. Some people prefer to not use dice or any kind of rating system for their characters and that’s understandable. For many, chatroom role-play is more a creative writing exercise. For others, the risk and structure of a real RP system is important. Both styles are encouraged and welcomed in Mythandar.

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