The coronation of King Thelgar III, Gryphon Hall, Gondaran.


An archive of current events and rumors in the World of Mythandar©, updated regularly for new Players wishing to join in and current Players needing to catch up.

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• A new King is crowned, the end of Winter, and trouble on Anglamar's borders.
• Several mages in Anglamar have gone missing since just before the New Year - notably, Raven of Greymantle and Silas Varale of Westhaven.
• Lord Aedn, son of the Duke of Arandor, plans a Spring expedition south through the mountains passes. The Duke's war-carrack, Sea Stallion, makes ready to depart on its annual cruise northward.
• Orcs from the Dragonspine Mountains continue continue to raid the Eastmark, and Baron Waldief is hiring soldiers to bolster defences. There are rumors that adventurers are gathering at Long Lake for a new expedition to Greyshadow Mountain.
• In Westhaven, the Shadow Guild has resumed its criminal activities. Yet, the Order of the Blue Star remains strangely silent.
• Most of Nordland awaits the breaking of the sea ice. Ships from Rune Isle and Viksted are heading south for raiding and trade. At Thunder Bay, the dragonship Stormrider, commanded by Thars Bloodaxe, prepares to sail south for Beregond.

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Following events in and around Hamling in late Winter, reports have come to the Baron of Westhaven and to Helmric, chieftain of Gond, at Anglehelm. According to Roden of Hamling, who sent the report to His Lordship at Aquilore Castle, there has been a series of disturbing events in the area:

  • Apparently, soldiers of Beregond have been wintering in Hamling since the New Year with the mission of apprehending outlaws whom were haunting the King's Road north of Whispering Bridge. The contingent claimed to have the leave of the Baron of Westhaven, since Hamling lies within his domain. In truth, they were hunting Northern Rangers along the merchant road between Hamling and the Olde Inn, upon the orders of Baron Kurth of Beregond. One Ranger, Sturn of Hamling, was found murdered, and an attack was made against the Ranger Sparrowhawk and the woman, Soristlenae of the red hair. In the end, the Swords were routed and half-a-dozen killed before the rest were sent packing by the Rodens, the Green Mage of Elderwood and a mysterious mage bearing the mark of the Blue Star.
  • It has been discovered that Baron Kurth himself has laid a bounty on the heads of any Northern Rangers found west of the Gondish Hills. Helmric, chieftain of Gond, is lodging complaint as well since it seems that one of Beregond's agents, a man identified as Kalen Thorne, attacked and burned a highland farmstead. This is now a matter to be dealt with at Court between the lords of Westhaven and Beregond ... Why Baron Kurth has embarked on this folly is unknown, but more trouble is certain to follow. Sparrowhawk and his companion departed Hamling the morning after their arrival, and it is assumed that he is hunting Beregonders.
  • Early travelers on the King's Road east of Beregond have reported a large encampment of the Baron's soldiers against the feet of the Gondish Hills. In Beregond, it is known that the Swords are on Spring training maneuvers. However, exercises of this size are uncommon; the city garrison has been reduced to barely a hundred men.
  • Following these events, the mage Dameron Vey has returned to the Olde Inn and confirmed Kalen Thorne's attack on himself, the girl Wilone and her brother at their family farmstead in the Hills. Gault and Danya Half-elven of the Olde Inn have not commented on the two young Rangers who left the Inn, headed northward following Sparrowhawk's departure for Hamling ...

    In Westhaven, the mage Silas Varale of the Order of the Blue Star has mysteriously disappeared. His tower residence in the Merchant's Quarter has been closed and sealed by Falkard, Arch-Mage of the Order, with no explanation of Varale's fate. Inquiries by the Lord Mayor of Westhaven (since Silas was active in city affairs) have not shed light on the matter, nor upon the Order's ambivalence in the face of increased activity by the Shadowguild ... Those aware of history know that the Blue Star mages were instrumental in stamping out the Shadowguild a decade ago.

  • Regarding the latter, there have been a series of grisly murders of known thieves, scoundrels and snitches in the Docks Ward, all of them bearing the old mark of criminal retribution - their tongues or hands cut off and a silver moon placed in their mouths. The Lord Mayor has doubled patrols of the City Watch through the lower wards and increased scrutiny of known guild contacts. All of this is occurring at the time of Spring, when ships begin to arrive at Westhaven port from afar and the city's population increases by a third.

    In the southern duchy of Arandor, Lord Aedn, the Duke's son, has announced the imminent departure of his expedition south through the Storm Giant Mountains to the Inner Sea Lands. Lord Aedn has readied a force of some 20 knights and 200 men-at-arms, with their attendant train of servants and provisioners. Several wealthy merchants have joined the endeavor, with their own retinues of bodyguards, hoping to reopen trade with the South. The expedition will depart through Sunrise Pass and His Lordship has ordered that Emperors' Gate be cleared of the orcs occupying it and a garrison established there. A number of adventurers have gathered as well, offered mercenary pay to accompany the expedition.

  • Other lesser nobles have been invited to join the expedition, though, as of yet, none have taken up the offer. Perhaps, they believe the risks involved in an overland trek through the wilds of the Storm Giant Mountains outweigh any reward that might come of it.

    In the Eastmark, adventurers have been gathering at Long Lake since Mid-Winter, drawn by the discovery of a map to the dungeons of Greyshadow Mountain. According to rumor, the map, authored by the thief-adventuress Leera of Aragond, shows the way to the long-lost Tomb of Karse, the legendary Arch-Mage who made Greyshadow Mountain his fortress before the founding of Anglamar centuries ago. If the map is genuine, then a treasure hoard beyond imagination awaits at the heart of the mountain. However, for those who come into possession of the map, the venture will not be an easy one ...

  • Increased orc raids across the Eastmark since early Winter have not abated and the rugged forestlands around Greyshadow Mountain are said to be swarming with orcish warbands. Most of those bear the mark of King Huurk of Stonegaard, and it is suspected that the warlord himself has heard rumors of Leera's map.
  • The map is supposedly in the possession of an old man, currently in residence at the Birdwatch Inn in Long Lake. Known simply as "The Gaffer," the fellow has been entertaining bids and there have already been several attempts to take the map from him by force. These have simply confirmed the suspicion that the Gaffer is a mage of some Power, and a half-dozen would-be adventurers have already met an untimely end.
  • In one further complication, Sir Kayle, Lord Sheriff of the Eastmark, has stated his intention to waylay and harass any would-be treasure hunters passing through Eastinghold on their way east. He says that this is to discourage the riff-raff and prevent trouble, but most suspect that he, too, wishes to get his hands on Leera's map and secure the treasure for himself.

    With the sea ice clearing, ships have set off from the holds of Nordland. Trading vessels and dragonships are crossing the Sea of Storms, bound south and east...

  • At Dragonsgard, King Haarik has dispatched his flagship, Dragon of Vygard, bearing his second son Voltar and daughter-in-law Talvi to Viksted in the Storm Isles. There, Chieftain Urveld Trollslayer is dying (the signs are that he will not see the new moon). As a former shield-mate and champion of the King, Urveld's passing warrants a Royal delegation. His eldest daughter, Ingre, has yet to name a husband-to-be and there are murmurings and rumors regarding the future of the hold. If she intends to take the chieftainship herself, young Ingre can expect numerous challenges, most notably from the sons of Rolph of Rune Isle. This is the custom and law in Nordland.
  • At Thunder Bay, the famed warrior and adventurer Thars Bloodaxe, commanding the dragonship Stormrider, makes ready to depart for the south, escorting three knorrs (cargo ships) loaded with northern timber to trade at Beregond. From there, it's rumored, he intends to sail on to the Storm Isles. Thars' warriors and crew are gathered, but any at Thunder Bay wishing to join them should make it known soon.