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The following information covers details of magic and arcane lore available only to practitioners of The Art in character. Of course, any Player may have access to it, but such knowledge should only be brought into play by an appropriate character.

The Netherworld is accessable to mortals by one method - Death. However, the demonic inhabitants of the Netherworld may be summoned by magic, entering this plane via a temporary portal. Though it is believed by many that merely mentioning a powerful demon's name will bring it to snatch the speaker away to the Netherworld, this is a myth. Demon summoning is a complicated process requiring knowledge, Power and the proper spell or ritual. That is a dangerous undertaking, since any summoned demon will do its best to overwhelm and destroy the summoner. Both mages and priests can summon demons to do their bidding, doing so at their own peril.

A demon may be summoned with a mage's Spell of Summoning or a priest's Ritual of Invocation to the ruler of the Netherworld (the Darklord). Any mage or priest can accomplish this, regardless of rank, though the size of the portal depends on the Power used (the summoner's Power may be enhanced by the use of certain artifacts). Once a portal is opened, a demon must be summoned by name. Without the use of a specific demon's name, anything might emerge from a portal.

1. The summoner must prepare by learning the demon's True Name and creating a magical Circle of Protection with which to contain it.

  • Some demonic names are commonly known, some must be researched in writings, while others have been lost and remain unknown. The discovery of a powerful demon's true name is valuable bit of lore not to be traded lightly.
  • A Circle of Protection must be drawn or enscribed on a flat surface (floor, wall, ceiling) using the proper runic symbols known to mages and some priests. This requires at least several minutes to do, depending on the size of the circle, which in turn is determined by the Power used.

    2. The Spell of Summoning is performed, requiring one hour for each level of Power above Typical. The demon's True Name must be used for the demon to appear and for the summoner to bind it to his will.

  • Without the name, nearly anything can appear.
  • Unless the demon is bound by the summoner, it will be loosed to attack the summoner and wreak as much havok as it can before returning to the Underworld.

    3. Once bound, the demon will obey the summoner for one hour unless a bargain is made that binds the demon to the summoner's will for a longer period. In any case, the demon is only oblicated to obey the summoner for one day (24 hours) unless the bargain is broken. Breaking the bargain looses the demon to attack the summoner and wreak whatever havok it will until the 24 hours is up.

    The true names of various Demon Lords are recorded in ancient texts - tomes, scrolls and writings in stone. Some names of the Nine are obscure, having been lost to common knowledge among mages over time. The possession of a Demon Lord's true name is considered to be an extremely valuable bit of lore, not to be used frivolously or traded lightly.

    AZMODAI Lord of Serpents, worshiped as a god by the lizard-folk of the Far South.
    BAAL Lord of Slaughter, Marshal of the Armies of the Netherworld.
    HEKEDI Mistress of Hate, the Great Whore of the Netherworld.
    LLIS of the Blood-Red Moon. The Dark Consort and goddess of the drow.
    NAZARGUL the Slaver, Lord of Chains, commands the Legions of the Undead.
    THOTH the Brazen, the Dark Lord's Chamberlain.
    Name Unknown androgynous Master/Mistress of Deceit.
    Name Unknown Lord of Waste and Dessication.
    Name Unknown the Gorger Upon Souls, the Great Beast, chained to the lowest floor of the Netherworld.

    Lesser Demons are more commonly known by name, as well as easier to control. Many of their names are mere descriptions in the Infernal Tongue - Slave, Brimstone, Spike-tail, Ravager, etc. All lesser demons serve one or the other of the Nine.

    WARNING: Mages and priests are cautioned that summoning any one of the Nine Demon Lords is an undertaking of the utmost peril. These infernal beings are creatures of immense cunning and Power, devourers of souls and agents of destruction. They do not take kindly to being disturbed and commanded by mortals.

    Just as the Dark Lord is served by Demon Lords and hordes of lesser demons in the Netherworld, the god of Mythandar have their own supernatural minions. These beings may be summoned only by a priests with a Ritual of Invocation, knowing taht whatever aid is sought will require an appropriate sacrifice.

    VALKAN STROMLORD and FRAYA THE HORNED GODDESS are served by angelic female spirits called valkyr. Among their duties is the gathering of the souls of dead warriors on the battlefield.

    UMO THE SEA-GIANT commands undines which manifest themselves in forms of living water. Umo also commands all of the creatures of the Great Deep.

    THE GREAT MOTHER in her aspects as the Earth Goddess and Goddess of the Moon is served by magical beings who take the form of natural creatures. These paragons may be the White Stag of the druids, the Great Owl of the Moon Goddess or any of a number of manifestations.

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