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With the death of Urveld Trollslayer, the various parties with interest in the fate of Viksted have formed factions, including those supporting the main contenders. At this time, everyone in Viksted is considered to be part of one of these factions, whether they support a candidate for chieftain or not.

Ingre Urveld's daughter THE LOYALISTS backing Lady Ingre in her decision, whatever that may be. They have no candidate in the contest to select a husband and are perfectly happy to support Ingre herself as chief.

  • Wulfgar Oakenshield, Urveld's old champion, commanding the house guard of 100 warriors.
  • Freyda, Ingre's younger sister.
  • Five minor captains with longships and some 125 warriors at their command.

    The chief's dragonship, Sojourner, is gone, burned along with Urveld's body. Thars Bloodaxe has pledged Stormrider to Viksted's service until construction of a new dragonship is completed.

    Faenor Boris Son THE SUCCESSIONISTS supporting Faenor Bori's son as the next chieftain. The scion of a wealthy family in Viksted, Faenor has known Urveld's daughters since they were all children, and feels himself to be the rightful claimant to the chieftainship. He is handsome, arrogant and self-assured, and popular with most of the locals. Supporting him are:

  • Bori Longtooth, his father and member of the Chief's Council.
  • The dragonship Scourge of the Isles with a crew of 75 warriors.
  • Five lesser captains commanding longships and men totalling 125 warriors.
  • Aethel, Faenor's childhood friend and Ingre's cousin, a lifelong resident of Viksted Hall.

    Rurik of Rune Isle FROM RUNE ISLE is Rurik, son of Rolf Blackraven, Lord of Ungaard. Rurik has promised to forswear his own father and become a loyal vassal of the King of Norland, if chosen. With him are:

  • Gaeron, called Wolf, Rurik's Storm Islander bodyguard and a warrior known for his strength and savagery.
  • The dragonship Bloodraven with a crew of 125 men.
  • Five minor captains of Viksted, with longships and 125 warriors at their command (their support bought by Rurik, it's rumored).

    Gunder of Haramir's Hold
    FROM HARAMIR'S HOLD, the warrior Gunder Strongheart, commanding the dragonship Winter Wolf and a crew of 100 warriors. Gunder and his family are long-time friends of Viksted, with blood ties between the two holds.

    It is suspected that the Uncommitted (below) are likely to support Gunder, especially if Rurik wins the contest for Ingre's hand.

    Bran Runeslayer FROM NORHAGEN, Bregga Gorm-slayer, commanding the dragonship North Venturer with a crew of 100 warriors. Brand is nephew to Ragnar, Chieftain of Norhagen which lies on the coast near Dragonsgaard. A young Huskarl, somewhat famous for killing the giant Gorm in battle at Warrior's Vale two Winters ago. He is a late arrival to the Challenge.

    THE UNCOMMITTED, mostly native Vikstedders, unconvinced that Ingre is capable of ruling, yet unwilling to support either Faenor or the outlander Rurik. It is hoped that, if swords are drawn, they will fight for the best interests of the hold.

    Thars Bloodaxe

  • Thengolf Brokenhand, Viksted's master shipwright, and his son Skur who commands the dragonship Thuring's Pride and 75 warriors.
  • Five minor captains with longships and some 125 men.
  • Thars Bloodaxe, commanding the dragonship Stormrider with 75 warriors.
  • Kitta Fraya's Daughter, from Dragonsgaard, is a long-time friend of the sisters come to Viksted to support Ingre. She commands the dragonship Spear of Fraya and 75 warriors.

    NEUTRAL participants hold no position in the selection of a new chieftain. These include:

  • Prince Voltar, representing King Haarik of Norland and here to adjudicate the succession. With him are his Wife and Ingre's sister Talvi. He commands the royal dragonship Spear of Valkan with 20 Huskarls and 100 warriors commanded by Olief.
  • Prince Voltar
  • Olek Godspeaker who represents the gods' will in Viksted. He will not intervene, for Valkan's will is that the strongest prove their worthiness to lead. He commands 20 warriors.
  • The Storm Islanders of Kinnor have no say in the succession as subjects of their Norlander rulers. Though they number in the thousands, they remain leaderless and resigned to whoever the gods decide will become their next overlord.
  • Any other parties in Viksted with no interest in the outcome of the contest or the fate of the hold. If conflict breaks out, such persons will be expected to stay out of it.

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