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Adventures in Mythandar is not a vampire venue. Cs from VTM and other Gothic milieus will not work in a traditional fantasy setting. However, vampires do exist and may be played in the room, as long as they conform to the guidelines presented here.

In the World of Mythandar©, The Curse of vampirism has existed since very ancient times. No one knows its origin, though there are many myths and legends (most of them untrue). During Imperial times, vampires were reported throughout the Inner Sea Lands, though their numbers fell drastically after the rise of the New Faith. Since the Empire's fall 500 years ago, vampires have begun to venture forth again. However, they are quite rare and, once identified, generally do not survive for long.

VAMPIRES ARE UNDEAD As such, their souls are trapped by the Curse in un-living bodies. They neither eat, breathe, age nor breed. Vampires are among the very few immortal Player Characters allowed in Mythandar. Cs may be newly turned or centuries old. The older a vampire is, the more Power it possesses (see below). Therefore, extremely ancient and powerful vampires must be cleared by a Mod before playing.

ALL VAMPIRES ARE EVIL The Power of the Curse is born of hatred and darkness, corrupting even the brightest soul. A vampire may remember its life as a good and decent person. However, the purely evil motives and impulses of vampirism will always win out. Greatest of these is The Thirst, which can only be quenched with living blood. The blood of intelligent creatures possessing Power is the greatest pleasure of all. The slaughter and corruption of innocent souls is simply an unavoidable consequence for a vampire. It must feed.

VAMPIRES ARE PREDATORS As such, they view mortals as prey or cattle and are as ravenous, competitive, and instinct-driven as wolves. A vampire will attempt to drive off or destroy another who infringes upon its territory as well as lesser vampires it has created.

  • Superhuman strength and speed. The typical vampire is five times as strong and fast as a normal human being.
  • Animal-like senses. Vampires possess night-vision, enabling them to locate prey by body heat. Their senses of hearing and smell are equivalent to wolves; they can hear heartbeats and smell the blood of the living at distance (equal to Power level).
  • Mindspeak (telepathy), and the ability to Mesmerize victims with their gaze.
  • Magical abilities, include Sense Power and resist magical attack or influence (as a mage of equivalent Power Level). Very powerful vampires are able to Shapeshift into the form of a giant bat.
  • Immortality. Vampires do not age nor do they mature from the age at which they become vampires. Though not invulnerable to physical injury, vampires cannot be killed by normal means - wounding, falling, poisoning, freezing or drowning.
  • Regeneration. A vampire must become dormant to regenerate wounds, usually during daytime. The only way to destroy a vampire is by magic, exposure to sunlight, or by beheading and burning the body.
  • Vampires must hide from daylight, and generally use this time to become dormant in order to regenerate any wounds or injuries. While dormant, a vampire appears dead and is in fact vulnerable to attack.
  • A vampire's Power can be detected (with Sense Power) like that of any magical creature. A priest can also sense a vampire's evil nature.
  • Sunlight will weaken and burn a vampire, and completely destroy it after the first few moments of exposure.
  • Holy Power repels vampires (Power vs. Power). Merely approaching within range of a divine Power source will cause a vampire to turn away.
  • Holy water burns a vampire's flesh like acid.
  • Fire will burn a vampire and cause intense pain. The damage can be regenerated. However, if a vampire is completely incinerated, it is destroyed.
  • Vampires do not fly, unless they have spells or magic artifacts that allow them to do so.
  • Vampires cannot transform into wolves or mist.
  • A stake through the heart does not kill a vampire. The stake is useful in holding the creature down while cutting off its head.
  • Garlic does not repel vampires, though it offends them due to their acute sense of smell.
  • Vampires are not barred by running water nor do they need to be invited in order to enter a dwelling.
    Despite their immortality, most vampires do not survive for long in Mythandar. The undead are universally regarded as an abomination and a scourge. Crusading priests, rampaging peasants, pillaging adventurers and competing vampires all threaten their existance. To survive, such a creature has two options: to skulk in the shadows, subsisting on vermin, stray livestock and the indigent while avoiding contact with society, or to establish itself as an overlord with an army of lesser vampires and and other minions at its command. The latter path will most definitely attract attention.

    THE EDICT OF THARSIS, issued by the Patriarch of the New Faith two centuries ago, admonishes all Believers to seek out and destroy any vampire whenever and where ever discovered. For this reason, vampires are rare in lands dominated by the Church of Mythas. The eldest survivors of their kind have largely migrated from the Inner Sea Lands into regions of the North and East.

    * Warning: Technical Information*
    Vampires must feed regularly, generally once each night if the creature is active. When a vampire feeds, it not only drains the blood from the victim, but its life and Power as well. A vampire who eats regularly has a Power level of Typical (or higher, depending on age), while a starved or newly turned vampire has Weak Power.*

    A vampire who's Power falls to Feeble, due to starvation, injury or magical attack, becomes dormant until it is able to ingest blood and life force to return it to Weak level again.

    When a vampire feeds upon and slays a magical creature, the vampire absorbs the victim's Power, increasing its own to an equal level. The vampire does not gain the victim's specific magical abilities, however, and the increased Power is not permanent. It decreases at a rate of one level per night of activity until reaching Typical (or the vampire's normal level) again.

    POWER                           Vampire is ...                         * Normal Power for Age
    None                                Destroyed
    Feeble                              Dormant
    Weak                               Starved, injured or ...................... newly turned.
    Typical                             Feeding regularly.                         up to 100 years
    Superior                           Can shapeshift.                            100-500 years
    Incredible or greater           Power enhanced.                          500-1000 years
    Fantastic                                                                            1000-10,000 years
    Monstrous                                                                          The Eldest (mythical)
    Unearthly                                                                            Primal Blood God         

    See the Power Levels Table.

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