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1. Know and follow Whispering Realms Chat's AUP and BSR.

2. ROOM RATING: Rated Adult for graphic descriptions of violence and possible adult situations. However, open cyber-sex is not permitted and anything resembling child pornography will not be tolerated.

3. THE SETTING: This is a medieval fantasy room. The world is at the cultural and technological level of Earth's Middle Ages. It is possible for beings from other planes and worlds to come to Mythandar (via the Gate beneath the Olde Inn). However, once here, magic dominates and technology and "super powers" cease to function ... Historic characters or those from literature (Lancelot, Gandalf, Robin Hood, etc.) are discouraged. Be original.

4. PICS: Normal pic limits are 450x450 pixels. No blatant nudity, please. If you need help with your C's pic, ask a Mod.

5. OOC: Out of character chatting is fine, just don't be disruptive and keep the cursing under control. Bracket your posts so everyone knows it's out of character.

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6. MODS: Any questions or problems concerning the room or RP therein, ask a Mod. If, for some reason, you are asked to stop posting, modify your behavior, remove or alter a pic by a member of Staff, please do so. Generally, you'll get one warning.

7. Relax and RP: We're looking forward to seeing you!

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