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http://www.dreamworldsonline.com/--- Magic in the World of Mythandar© is defined as a mystical energy, referred to as Power, that permeates all of creation. As with the other Primal Elements (air, earth, fire and water), which are governed by natural physical laws, Power conforms to certain magical laws which limit its use and effects.

FIRST: All sources of magic possess a certain level of Power, ranging from Feeble to Unearthly. In game terms, each increasing level of Power is 10 times greater than the previous level.

SECOND: All sources of Power radiate magic at a distance commensurate with Power level, and this energy is detectable by those creatures able to Sense Power (mages, priests, elves, and other magical creatures).

THIRD: Power can be untainted or bear the taint of either a good or evil source. Power can be sensed as such by those able to detect it ... The Power of a divine artifact is clearly discernible from that of a summoned demon.

FOURTH: The amount of Power that may be controlled is limited by the ability of the creature attempting to do so.

SOURCES OF POWER                                  POWER LEVEL          Range

  • Spells                                                        Feeble                        touch
  • Rituals                                                       Weak                         1 meter
  • Magic Artifacts                                           Typical                       10 meters
  • Gates and Portals                                      Superior                     100 meters
  • Magical Creatures                                      Incredible                   1000 meters
                                                                        Fantastic             10,000 meters (10 km or 6.2 miles)
                                                                        Monstrous          100,000 meters (100 km or 62.1 miles)
                                                                        Unearthly            1,000,000 meters (1000 km or 620 miles)

    Spells are magical formulas which provide a means of tapping into and manipulating Power. Spells combine spoken power words, gestures and alchemical reactions. Spell-casting is only available to those who study the magic arts - mages, sorcerers and witches. Its secrets are closely guarded and taught only to chosen apprentices.

    Spells may be memorized or formulated "on the spot," based upon the mage's knowledge and experience. They may also be cast from written text recorded in tomes, scrolls, carvings and inscriptions. Only a mage with formal training as an apprentice has the ability to read the arcane language of spells.

    The Seven Rituals are formulaic methods of drawing upon divine Power, available only to members of the priesthood. Through the use of chanted words and the addition of certain physical elements (from burning incense to blood sacrifice), the god's favor is invoked. Rituals may be memorized or read. In either case, performing a ritual can be a lengthy process, depending on the amount of Power involved.

    Some creatures have natural magical abilities that do not require learning or training to use. These powers simply operate at will or are uncontroled. In either case, all magical abilities conform to the Laws of Magic.

    Power                                                           Ranks
    Level                             Mages                     Priests                      Others
    Weak                             Apprentice                Acolyte
    Typical to Superior           Adept                      Monk (Priest)
    * Incredible to Fantastic    Archmage                High Priest                 Elder Dragons
    * Monstrous                     Wizard                    Patriarch                    Demon Lords
    ** Unearthly                                                                                    Gods

    * Player Characters of Incredible or greater Power require the approval of Room Staff.
    ** No way.

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