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In the World of Mythandar©, dragons are creatures of vast elemental Power, nearly immortal and invulnerable to all but the most powerful attacks. All dragons fly and breathe fire. They possess an evil intelligence and cunning and an overwhelming instinct for survival. There are no good dragons, though there are ancient Elder Dragons who wish only to be left alone. Younger dragons have a restless and destructive urge that impels them to rampages when stirred from their lairs. They are territorial creatures who will not tolerate the invasion of their territory by another dragon, nor the intrusion of lesser creatures into their lairs.

In Mythandar, there are no half-dragons and dragons cannot shapeshift into human (or humanoid) form. They do not speak the languages of mortals. As creatures of primal Power themselves, they do not possess spell-casting abilities, but have incredibly powerful senses of sight and smell, including the ability to sense magic like a mage. A dragon can, in fact, detect the presence of another dragon or a Wizard at great distance. It is difficult to imagine that any character could stand against an adult dragon without magical or divine aid

Dragons are not generally available as Player Characters, due to their vast power and abilities.

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