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In addition to the role-play on-going in and around the Olde Inn, there are storylines running in other locations across Mythandar. Most of these are open to new Player/Character participation. Please ask the Moderator if you can join in.

Updated Feb. 7 2009

Gondish Hills, Anglamar, Late Winter 1209 I.R.

Currently, it's just after Mid-Winter in the year 1209 of the Imperial calender (called Imperial Reckoning in Anglamar). Trading season is long over and most travelers are absent, so the Inn is a quiet place with few guests. Winter in the Gondish Hills is cold, snowy and miserable, especially for travelers. But, at the Inn, there is plenty of food and drink and rooms to spare.

Players and their Cs are always welcome at the Olde Inn. Play need not be "mod-assisted." Players are free to conduct their own RPs, solo or multi-player, using the background and information presented. However, if events within your RP will effect "regular" characters or the Inn itself or other landmarks, it is asked that you consult with a Mod. In general, minor NPCs (guards, servants, minor patrons) can be played without handles and referred to in your posts. Players are also encouraged to multi-task with additional handles, if they wish. The Inn can always use new part-time waitresses, cooks, stablehands, etc. ... Remember, it is deep Winter. There's little or no sunshine, the Hills are buried in snow, and the Lake and streams are frozen. Dress warm.
For updated news and rumours, see TALES AT THE INN.

Gondish Hills, Anglamar, Late Winter 1209 I.R.

Not far from the Olde Inn, at the edge of Elderwood Forest, stands an ancient temple to the Great Mother. The House of the Moon is a landmark in the Gondish Hills and chief shrine of the Goddess in Anglamar. For nearly 100 years, High Priestess Namarah Silverbrow presided there, serving Her and ministering to the people. Since Namarah's death five Winters past, no priestess has occupied the temple, which has set unoccupied and untended since. The doors remain open and the Goddess' protection remains while She seeks a new High Priestess.

Danya Half-elven, serving at the Olde Inn, knows the details ... This Winter, the local hillfolk bring ill rumors of the House of the Moon. Though the Goddess' Power still shines, the temple itself appears to be surrounded by a ring of shadow and corruption from which nature shies away, as if the temple itself were under siege by the powers of darkness. The locals are worried. Come Spring, they have crops to plant, herds to tend, and children to raise. This Winter, they pray for the arrival of a new High Priestess to set things aright.

This SL is intertwined with current events at the Olde Inn. RP is open.
Moderator is 'Hawk.

The Northern Marches, Late Winter 1209 I.R.

Following the adventures of two of the Inn's youngest regulars - Dameron Vey, itinerant mage-in-residence and all around ladies' man, and Wilone, newly inducted into the ranks of the Northern Rangers. Dispatched upon a mysterious mission for the King, the pair have reached Northinghall at the worst time of year. Bad weather is predicted, along with bandits, orc raiders and political intrigue.

Moderated by 'Hawk.

Viksted in the Storm Isles, Spring 1208 I.R.

Funeral of Urveld Trollslayer Our longest running SL beyond the Olde Inn takes place in the kingdom of Norland, at the great hold of Viksted in the Storm Isles. RP is almost a year behind the current timeline, following events surrounding the death of Viksted's chieftain.

Urveld Trollslayer, chieftain of Viksted for nearly 40 Winters, has died of age and illness. With no surviving sons, his eldest unmarried daughter, Ingre, has taken over management of the hold. By Norlandic custom, an unmarried daughter or widow may rule as chieftain. However, like any ruler, she is subject to challenges from those wishing to supplant her - any many believe a woman to be easy prey. Candidates have come from all over the North to sue for Ingre's hand and stake their claims against each other. To minimize bloodshed and preserve her own independence, Lady Ingre has imposed a contest (also permitted by custom) in which potential suitors will fight her for the right to rule as Viksted's new chieftain.

Forces converge on Viksted with the arrival of the suitors - among them Rurik, son of Norland's enemy, the Lord of Rune Isle. To observe the succession, the second Prince of Norland, Voltar is present as well. Factions have formed around the leading contestants and intrigue and double-dealing are afoot. Blood has already been shed. The claimants have sworn oaths to abide by Ingre's selection of a husband, and the contests are about to begin. With the arrival of the dragonship Stormrider and its captain, the famed warrior and adventurer Thars Bloodaxe, the stage is set

STORM SEASON is an open-play storyline, moderated by Longgrass (Ingre).

The Eastmark, late Winter 1209 I.R.

Eastinghold gates No sooner has word come of a Varalkian invasion from the east, than it is reported that Baron Waldief himself has been murdered. Traitors and Varalkian spies are suspected - NAY! Blamed! Not to worry, for Sir Kayle, High Sheriff of the Eastmark, who has served the barony faithfully for a decade, has taken command. The Lord Baron left no heir, so the matter of succession will have to be arbitrated by the crown. Fortunately, the good folk of the Eastmark have such a valiant champion as the Sheriff in this time of need ...

With the land still in Winter's grip and Greymantle in the hands of foreign invaders, with the Baron murdered and suspicion and unrest running rampant through Eastinghold, with the King's Army on the march and every sell-sword and would-be hero flocking eastward to war, things are a bit unsettled. Caught in the middle are Grand Lady Easting, the Baron's dam (no Mother of the Year herself) and those few she may still count on as loyal. War looming, personalities clashing, and more intrigue than you can shake a flail at - Get in at the beginning of this one, Players. There's room for all kinds of characters.

THE PERFECT STORM is open role-play, moderated by Shana (Lady Easting) and 'Hawk (Sir Kayle).

For those interested in the story so far, initial sessions will be posted for review.


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