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~~~~~~~~~~~ HEAVEN'S TOOLBOX ~~~~~~~~~~~

Tools For Our Minds, Tools in Our Hands

What is this site all about? I am still seeking the means to make it clear. Imagine a Spiritual Being reaching from the mist, a primitive man on the earth building a fire. The Spirit Being is holding a toolbox with little tools showing. A voice says: "Here are your tools, now do not mess up what I have made."
That is the theme in allegoric nutshell. Poorly is that theme displayed thus far. All is presently emerging from a stream of consciousness, loosely linking this Creation in which we dwell with human creativity and recognition of the Creator of it all.

Emphasis is on the tip of the iceburg, not the whole image. For example, the page on trees, page 3, simply shows a tree as part of nature, next being used for other life as nature intends and in the hands of man. There is a cycle of returning something of the tree to the creatures.

Have I lost you on this thought? The "pastel" image introducing this website, was provided by nature. The original mountain creation was inspiration. To see the original image, click here. This is a simple example of creativity using Heaven's Toolbox.

I seek a simple answer of inspiration, images to instill appreciation of the world around us. I seek to blend thoughts together and paint a picture of man as part of nature. Hopefuly, images and links will instill positive creative thought. Paint your canvas; do it with a positive relationship to Creation and the Tools we are blessed to work with. That is it. I wish me good fortune in pulling this off!

Note, some images link to a different view. Run your cursor over the image and click if the "hand" cursor appears.

lizzie new view dragonfly larger imageLizzie kitty is a natural creation. She creates shreds from paper bags. She also creates a nice home. This is not just instinct..thinking is going on! She figures things out. She likes to play and sleep; while I like to teach about jewelry.

Please see creativity and creation together in how we respond to nature..nature from pets like Lizzie to waterfalls, trees and the work of masterful artists of mankind.

The image to the right? You tell me. Is anything stirred inside?

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