Author: Kamira,
Rating: NC-17, for slash and het sex, and some violence.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from either of the Mummy films, nor the concepts of the Medjai and related sundries. I suppose I own the new supporting characters but that’s not worth mentioning.
Authors notes:
First off, this is dedicated to Koyote, Richel and Kristin without whom it would have never ever gotten written. Second, I know I’ve made some concession in the mythology, after all you can’t go by the real Egyptian myths when the films don’t but I’ve tried to stay faithful to the spirt of them at any rate. Third, all the Arabic and Egyptian is to the best of my knowledge correct. But while my Arabic is reasonably fluent my Egyptian is not, so I had to make do with translations and the help of a few friends. My apologies for any errors. Last but not least, I hope it’s enjoyable. If it isn’t, tell me that too please. A special thanks to Kristnbdgr for that sharp left turn, I’m very glad for it now.

“There is no honor in certain victory, not for gods, men, or monsters.”
Egyptian, New Kingdom, author unknown., translation attributed to TE Lawrence.

No Certain Victory

Section 1: Fajr - Towards dawn
When Germany sends troops to invade Egypt, the Medjai find themselves with a new enemy, and a few surprising allies in the battle.

Section 2: Duhr - Towards noon

Section 3: Asr - Afternoon

Section 4: Maghrib - When the sky darkens

Section 5: Isha - When darkness falls



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