Willow Moon

Willow moon: teaching alchemy: 7-31-2007

I walked to the Green Lady Willow, and touched her bark, drawing with my fingers, the three runes I’ve seen with her for over a month: fehu, gebo, ansuz.

This time, as I worked the flow of their meanings into each other, I was drawn inward, into her core, and experienced the holistic alchemy of the three runes. I heard her say, “Do not read these linearly, even in a flow; learn to read the One that comes from the Three.”

And then she let me go.

Dizzy, lightheaded, and full of amazement, I set down on the grass in the twilight world of grandmother’s willow yard, and tried to process the whole of what I had experienced, most of which I did not recognize or comprehend cognitively, but enough of which I could follow along the path to higher learning in this area, and expand it to other areas of my life.

Grandmother looked at me and said I was surrounded by an incredibly bright neon pink energy glow or aura. That is not the color anyone who knows me would have chosen, so it speaks its Truth. I know that Edgar Cayce once said that pink is a sign of psychic ability, so perhaps that is one valid answer. I will leave myself open for more discernment in that area, as well as in understanding the alchemy