Willow Magic

Willow magic : 8-1-2007

I am sitting against the Willow, the Green Lady, the Grandmother Tree of Life, letting my thoughts and emotions wander and dissipate. I ponder the previous night of alchemical awareness in reading runes, and intentions affecting environments, and how that may generalize into so many other different things… including me. Rather than integration, alchemization… a process of alchemy… like the alchemy of hydrogen and oxygen and a powerful blast of energy… becoming water. What would I look like then, if I alchemized. Instead of integrating. And, as if listening, (I’m way so ignorant sometimes of my obvious interactions that I am way so unaware even when I have such awareness… ) anyway, as if listening, - no, not as if – listening and responding to me, the Willow hushes me, and draws around me what appears to be an amniotic sac, a birth wrap… and it begins to fill with fluid – life force fluid, and I think about panic, but I don’t… at least not til the last moment when I can no longer hold my breath and know I must ‘drown’ into the fluid… but somewhat I do… I release… I experience…

And though I have an awareness of myself as myself, I have no nouns or verbs or adjectives or labels… there is a sense of Oneness, although my consciousness seems unique. There is peace. There is song. There is light, quiet light, stillness in light. There is a subtle flow, a current of Beingness, and I think of what a caterpillar must experience in a cocoon when it is no longer a caterpillar but not yet a butterfly. There is comfort and softness. But there is nothing physical, or material. There is a connection to all, and a connection to me. And I hear Her whisper, “This is the alchemy you will experience. You must trust the process. You must trust those who aid in your process. You must trust yourself. You must trust, and let go.”