Whale Child

I went to the Beach of Blue Fishes last night. The forever-flame of the driftwood fire was there. You were there, sitting – as always – on the left as one looks from the ocean. I was on the right, and walking the shoreline to pick up bits of stones, shells, and wood. I felt myself change into a child, doing this.
Then I tried to get to the Whale I had ridden on two nights previously, but was unable. Again, I felt myself shift to the Child, and then – the Child is on the Whale… sitting for a while, and then laying for a long time on her stomach, as if hugging the Whale.

They begin conversing.
Whale: ‘the fire is a long way off; if we go farther out, it will disappear.’
Child: ‘show me.’
And so the Whale does.
Child: ‘I like it when it is just us and the sea and sky and stars. I want to stay here forever.’
Whale: ‘but you cannot.’
Child: ‘why’.
Whale: ‘you have to go home.’

{note: when Whale says ‘home’, the spiritual message is of going back to the physical body – Me}

Child: ‘I don’t want to.’
Whale: ‘I know.’

For a long time, Whale and Child wander the sea under a bright moon, dancing among the clouds and stars. The Child stands upon the Whale, feeling at one with all, and powerful. Whale spouts water, drenching the Child, and they both laugh.
Whale: ‘time to return.’

The Child is quiet. The Whale is able to move close to the beach because of the precipitous drop-off several yards from shore. The Child reluctantly leaves the Whale and returns to shore. She considers the image of Pinocchio that Whale has left in her mind, with a message:
‘you are much more than the puppet was, but you cannot be real until you go home.’

The Child looks over to where you sit, and then looks to gather little stones. Near where the surf barely washes over them are several small white pebbles that glow with an inner light. She brings some together in a pile, and watches a beacon glow from them. She wants to take them up into the beach sand where it is dry, but as they are separated from the ocean, their lights go out. Puzzled, and somewhat sad, she returns to the gentle surf area and begins aligning the stones in patterns.

Then she, the Child, goes over near you.
You have, around you, a sphere of energy perhaps extending out six feet in all directions. It is firm. It is quiet. It holds no intent to harm. It just is. Within the sphere, you are playing with your magic sticks and making little piles of fire that look like July 4th sparklers – silvery crackly sparks, almost alive. The Child sits about 1-2 feet away outside your energy field. And watches intently.
And you know it, of course, and so you are very careful of moves and energy of thought and mind and heart.
You ask: ‘who are you?’
But the Child only stares at the sparklies as if not hearing.
Quietly, you again ask: ‘what is your name?’
Again, the Child does not respond, but does look at you quizzically. The Child has heard words coming from you, but to her physical ears, she only hears jabberwocky nonsense syllables. In her mind, she hears your question correctly but doesn’t comprehend it, nor what/ how to answer.
After a moment of silence, as you think you way through this, you hit upon an idea, and ask: ‘what does Whale call you?’
This time, she replies, telepathicly: ‘Child’.
You smile, and say: ‘Hi, Child.’
And she watches you, and your magic sparklies.
The Child makes quick eye-contact with you to initiate conversation, and then looks over by the ocean, saying: ‘did you see?’
{indicating the stone patterns}
And in compassionate affirmation, you answer: ‘I saw.’
Then you ask: ‘is it a message?’
And the Child nods very slightly.
You ask: ‘what does it say?’
But the Child just stares at your hands, and the magic weaving of the sparklies.
Quietly, you ask differently: ‘what does Whale say it is?’
And the Child tilts her head, asking Whale in her mind.
She replies, again without physical voice: ‘the sky and the sea are quiet.’
And she says nothing more.

She leaves then to go to the small crystal cave that hides in the basalt outcropping, covered by green sea vines. However, although she is tired, she cannot sleep. And, finally, reluctantly, she returns to sit in front of you, just beyond your energy field. Although you notice, you make no overt move to acknowledge this. It seems an intuitive understanding between you and the Child.
Quietly, you speak: ‘how old are you?’
But, again, the Child only quizzically stares, hearing strange noises in her ears, hearing a question in her mind that she can’t understand.
So then, you start making – with the sand and magic sparklies – a birthday cake, adding one candle at a time, slowly.
But as the cake and candles begin to manifest, the Child backs up in terror – and so you make it all disappear back to just sparklies on the flat beach sand.

{the Child’s ‘physical’ dimension seems to indicate an age between 4 and 5}

Playing carefully with the magic sticks and the sparklies, and making light arcs and writings in the air, you draw the Child back to within two feet of your sphere. After a long while, without looking at the Child, you ask: ‘what does Whale call me?’
And the Child tilts her head, asking Whale in her mind. She looks at you and says in your mind, ‘Teacher.’
Then she gets up, and goes to lie in a small fuzzy warm sleeping bag, in a scooped out area next to the outcropping between you and the forever-flame, going to sleep.
Gradually, carefully attuned to the fear-reactions of the Child, you dim your energy glow to the softest lowest level, and sit watch for the night.

Whale Child 2nd journey