Time upon Time beyond Time,
the Song returns:
Whale remembers --
He is the Cantor for the Earth,
and his Plainsong is heard
throughout the Universe;
he sings now, that all will know
that She, the Earthmother herself,
has stepped into her Circle,
prepared for Battle,
prepared for the Change--
Overhead, Phoenix and Gryphyn hover protectively,
while She murmurs the Chant of the Narwhals.

Blue, the whale
Blue, the sea
Blue, the star
that fostered me.

My heart resounds
with whale song -
releasing bonds
that held me strong;
touch so deep,
so true, so long -
I have no doubt
that I belong.

Who am I, whale, to thee?
...some human on a boat?
...some lost bit of creation?
...some tragic anecdote?
I hear you answer me
...with visions you have spun
...with songs of revelation
...with Truth that we are One.