Good News! (The Watershed Song)

Good news! Good news!
The Gathering is come!
In Watershed,
all souls are fed -
and all the World is One!

Verse 1:
If there's never been a place for you to go
to worship whom you will from your own heart,
if there's always been a feeling in your soul
that made you feel unwelcome and apart...

Verse 2:
If you've always marched to distant, lonely drums,
if you've always sung a different song,
if you've always worn a mask to hide your sun,
if you've always thought that you were wrong...

Verse 3:
If you've always felt your heart can't be shown true,
and never could you share your deepest fears,
welcome to our Home where you can just be you,
in laughter, and in loving, and in tears...

Verse 4:
Here, within this place, we gather in the Light
- in Watershed, this turning point in Time -
Here, within this space, our Journey fills our Sight,
and draws our hearts to love beyond the Rhyme.