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The Water Elemental

Within the River, within a "bubble", we travelled - the two of us. Not an ordinary "bubble", mind you, but one created of the rainbow spirit stuff - kind of that inner sanctum of the soul connected to all souls connected to the Source... In any case, we were in (among?) the river, and I saw all the stuff that was not of the river floating alongside us: like debris, trash, toxins, pollutants, needles, petroleum products, and other things not fit to mention. I was saddened by all this, and ashamed as well, knowing that humans contributed the majority of this dis-ease of the river. The Undine ("Dinah") said, "We are sad - the river, the faery folk, all the creation connected here - we are all sad for the humans. We are all in the River, in Creation, but we do not partake of this. We have this "bubble" as you perceive and name it. To live, to interact, to weave our part into the Tapestry of the Original Source, we are present here; but we do not need to drink of this "world" of yours if we do not choose to. It is the same for you." I was curiously confused about that. And pondered for a while. I could see that there was a haze outside the bubble, a strange twilight that was not apparent when I had been "out there". There was a toxicity to the air, to the psyche, to the spirit, in my world that I could not taste anymore, having become numb and acculturated to it. But, in a journey within a journey, I ventured outside the "bubble" just a bit onto the land. The electro-metallic taste tinged my tongue; the sulfurous, petroleum, burnt rubber smell was plainly noxious; the noise overwhelming; and the light graying into shadows of make-believe. Really, really strange. And that was just in a field near the river. The nearest town was many miles away. I quickly re-entered the "bubble" of my Journey. I collapsed on the "bottom", quieting myself, breathing slow and deep for a while, weeping a bit. After a while, "Dinah" came and put her hand on my shoulder. "Do you understand, now, the purity of this "bubble"? What I understood was that this bubble was the purest form of water, as if it were a drop from the Holy Grail itself. "Indeed", she said, reading my thoughts. "And so it is, within you," she whispered. "What?" "This 'bubble' lies within all Creation. It is within you, within me, within All. It is the very drop of the Original Source - sometimes like a tear, sometimes like a drop of water on a dusty dry August afternoon. Look; inside... you will see; you will know." And I looked... and I understood. Around my Spirit-self, within my heart, I saw the 'bubble'. "Return now to your world, but remember this: you may visit within your bubble anytime with your intent... so to remember, revisit, renew yourself with the pure Light of Stillness and Peace that is Truth. Remember you can stay there until you're ready to venture forth again. Someday you will learn that you are never truly OUTSIDE the bubble at all - it is only a matter of discernment, perception and choice. Go on your Way, now, Lady. It has been my pleasure to share this Journey with you." And I awoke underneath a great oak on the bank of a meandering stream, that seemed to be chuckling to itself and the playful dragonflies nearby.