The Veil

I am sitting under the Green Lady Faery Willow, and ask how I can best serve the Faery Realm.
She replies, “Serve me, and serve all.”
Shaking my head, I say, “I serve the Great Light – the Great Mystery. All else in a lesser allegiance.”
I feel Her smile. “Good. Here, then, is the Task given Me to give to you from the Great Light.” And She proceeds to outline the needs and possible healings of the Veil.

I ask Faer’n to accompany, and he agrees. I know that I must travel to the Place in the Myst where I gather the Great Light’s energy webthreads. As he stands on the shore of this mystic Lake, I climb onto the raft and begin to pole out to the Center of the Void.
I raise my staff and begin whirling it through the Myst to collect the webbing like cotton candy on a stick.
There is no sound here, but the whisper of ripples that have no echo as I move across this Space. I feel an awe in the deepest part of my heart, and hold as much humbleness and strength as I can. In this Place, fear tries to tip-toe into my mind, but I chase it away, and continue my Task.
When I return to shore, he stands guard, unusually quiet and calm, watching me.
I mix the webstrands with Unicorn elixir, preparing a potion paste, and put it in the jar I have carried for this purpose.

As we return to the Faery Realm, he and I begin riding the circuit of the Veil, upon whatever animal chooses to assist us in this Task. I remember horse, dragon, polar bear, pterodactyl, jaguar, gryphon, whale, and bumblebee to name a few. Each time I notice places where the Veil has worn thin or is leaking or seeping or unraveling, I apply the Paste, and watch in amazement as it smoothly heals the energy to its Original Light.