Tsunami Tao

Each of us is responsible only to be sure that the pure intent of what we say or do is not to harm others and not to hold expectations or assume responsibility for how others react, respond, or perceive what we say or do. And, then, not to take personally how the other person may react, respond, or perceive what we've said or done. We all create ripples just by the very essence of being. Sometimes, we create tsunamis. Whether or not someone else is wearing their lifevest is not our responsibility; it is to be mindful that we do not intentionally send a tsunami ripple towards someone who is not ready for it; it is to be aware of ourselves and our intentions; it is to be aware and to keep such a pure intent in our very beingness.


Sometimes the change is so deep I have no clue of its happening except for the subtle ripples in the currents of my heart.