Return to theTibetan Temple

Again, I return to the Tibetan temple. This is the second time I have come here and we are eating a meal – most likely dinner, which is a bowl of rice; I use my fingers because I suck at chopsticks.
And my mind is having difficulty concentrating because of a few unsettling emotional/psychological entanglements for me at the end of the day at work. One, especially, is because a co-worker who identifies me as a friend is having serious emotional/psychological psychic trouble. She has a demon/dark spirit attached to her – more like, enmeshed – sucking at her life force, and to the extent that there is sexual energy almost physical demand/surrender type stuff – some of which she admits that she kind of allowed; and I feel quite the coward and very bad that the best I do for her is give advice and keep my distance and shields quite up. I want to believe I did the best I could, was courageous to stand there and help with advice without allowing my own boundaries to be breeched, but I don’t know.
Anyway, while we are eating, I glimpse from the corner of my eye, through an opening-like window – a unicorn. And I shake myself and tell myself – ‘no way. There aren’t any unicorns here. This is a Tibetan temple up in the Himalayas. Then I remind myself that ‘yes, it could be,’ because this is in actuality a quantum journey. So, then, I look again, and It Calls me. So I put down my bowl, bow to the table of persons, and go outside.
For the first time in my Knowing, the Unicorn asks me to get on and ride it. That’s when things get ‘unwordable’ to share. It’s like – not riding on a rainbow – but riding on the energy within a rainbow – well, that’s only close, sort of – I can’t explain. Colors whishing past me. Harmonies rushing past me. A sense of riding on ‘something’, like the wind, full of colors, song, strength, love – everything and nothing, Spirit and beyond…
Oh well…
Then we arrive at this place where all the wind, colors, song, come to Stillness, and I ‘dismount’ from the Unicorn, and before me at my feet is a pool of something not water. Like Unicorn elixir, Spirit-fluid of the Holy Grail – well, you get the idea.
And in my head, I hear:
“Jump in; dive in and then get out.”
I look at this pool that shimmers solidly of fluid silver like mercury, and am hesitant and fearful of doing so.
Then the Unicorn helps transform my perception to ‘see’ it as a clear mountain lake, where I can ‘see’ the pebbly sandy bottom. This makes it easier to convince myself to dive in and get out. I do it quickly, and then realize that I have kept my clothes on, realizing simultaneously the need to dive under unclothed. So I do. When I get out, I feel a shimmering glow covering me, head to toe, everywhere, like a body sheath of Spirit energy.
I put most of my clothes back on, feet bare, and ride the Unicorn back to the temple, where I am lain on my bed in the little room; I go promptly to sleep.