MPD Slam


The mirror shattered scattered splattered
Pieces of a child, creases in the tile,
Ceases to smile for a while
Or even more forevermore
Behind a door within a core of nevermore
And all: what for?
Staying praying weighing probabilities
Of relativity with creativity
Laced with fear
Just disappear
Or better yet
And all is gone beyond the bond
Of substantial tangential memory in reverie
Behind the mirror that
Shattered scattered splattered
Pieces of a child.


This multiplicity of eccentricity
Such deep complexity
In key aspects of me
Just means thereís more of me
Sixty-four of me
And this sorority of one is
Running, gunning, stunning, shunning life is
Coming out in crisis
The dice is sixes
Boxcars to Auschwitz
Corpses in ditches
And candles everywhere
Evil in the air
Demons in the lair
Nothingís fair, fuck, who cares?
Knives, lives, bribes, sacrifices
Cold as ice is, muffled cries as
A child dies
Whereís the fault, or
Who claims the altar?
Someone must take the blame
Name the shame, claim the fame,
Eat the red dead bread of saving
The innocent by letting the devil vent
Repeatedly heatedly feeding him lethally
In the guise of the guys of
Insanity vanity profanity up their sleeve
Duplicity that you believe
Hypocrisy lost to me
Multiplicity protecting me
In the chilling stilling killing
Of what looked to be a piece of me
But in reality you failed to see the Truth of me
For I escaped, and you only raped
My shadow.


Change is changing
Rearranging, strange renaming,
Fiery raining flames reframing all I am
Unplanned and banned
Scanned and slammed,
Stranded, branded and slandered
Standard of precocity, ferocity in velocity
Unbound to sound
Ungrounded rarity
Unfounded heresy in veritas
Tip the toss, whatís lost is lost
The hidden clause is stuck on pause
And just because of
Rightly lifted, lightly sifted, slightly gifted flaws
With unrestricted shaman-shifted puma paws
Iíve come undone re-spun to run
A pun of one whose sunís eclipse
Encrypts the crypts of witty quips
With scripts unlocking my cocoon
Walking rocking clocking docking
A shocking image born anew
What can I do but fly the sky, sigh good-by,
Get high on my survival and revival
Iím alive to heal the rival
Alive within myself
Itís time to smile and
Step on through, truth is true
On either side of the Looking Glass
The past is past at last
And dressed in denim blue,
The child you knew
Is truly
Finally free
With inner reciprocity.