Postscript to Journey South

We were out on patrol (my first!), and I asked just what I was supposed to do. With true Elven humor (not...), one of them replied: "Well, you surely are no warrior, so no bow or short sword for you; and, let's see, physically...nope...not're not the one to climb the trees for lookout or jog on ahead; not good at quietly passing through the forest...hmmmmmmm. Okay, well, I'll tell you why you're here. You sense energy. I know that sounds strange coming from me, because Elves are naturally in tune to energy of all life. But, see, you have this shaman dimension, even here, something just a little more than even us...or not...but we want you to concentrate only on that is negative or draining or out of harmony...and then just let us know. It is very important for you to communicate with us when you feel anything out of the ordinary."
So I did just that. I remember long ago that Stag had told me my journey was to Trust others to protect me, so I gave up worrying about myself as a scout, and started tuning in to the environment around us. As I relaxed into that state, I felt a huge energy field -- very discordant -- to the right and somewhat behind if it were seeking to come between us and the village. I flagged down the closest scout to tell him what I felt, and he "called" the others. It felt good to be validated like this. I told them what I felt, and we all discussed what could be done without bringing attention to the fact that we had noticed this energy field. I suggested a trench (psychic) like a backburn done for a forest fire, about 20 yards from the edge of the field, all along the sides nearest us and the village. One of the scouts stated that what might happen is the energy would will the trench and keep on going, slowing but not stopping. So I suggested "suck bugs". Now, I don't know where that came from or what they even look like, but the intent was some kind of bug that would suck up energy fed to it. So if we put thousands in the trench, that in time, the originator of the discordant energy may pull it back because of the "drain". So we all worked at creating psychic "suck bugs" to fill the "trench", and watched what transpired. Fortunately, it worked well, the energy drew back, and I bid the Elves "Farewell", promising to return soon enough.