New Moon Journey

New moon before solstice, I am invited to a ceremony in the courtyard outside the Oberon’s Palace. It takes place beneath the Faery Tree, the Elcr’yss, the Tree of Life, the Green Lady Willow, and I am awed at the energy and Faery persons who are gathered here.
Rock troll woman – Iona – holds my one hand, and the Goblin healer woman – Lifla – holds the other. Behind me stands Smashfoot, my Dwarf friend. In front of me stand the Elven royalty of Oberon, Tatiana, Prince, Captain, and Kyri-el (my crossover twin); Ikthar, the blue Skydragon flies overhead. Others are around, but not in my vision. I can sense my Elven friend, Faer’n, nearby, from his energy, but I do not know where he is.
The Oberon steps forward and raises his silver sword.
“Kneel, Annwyn Rhys Lighthawk, Elc’yrr to the Faery races.”
And so I do.
And he touches the crown of my head, and then both shoulders, with his sword.
“Now you are the Oberon’s Messenger; now you have been gifted the Elven tongue.
Rise; and let us celebrate this event.”
And so we do. Although my insides and knees feel weak, my heart is filled with joy.

After the ceremony of becoming Messenger and being given the Elven tongue, I am shown the Veil, and how contorted and stretched it is. I am told that it cannot hold anymore of this Shifting without tearing, and once torn, will not be able to be mended until the whole Change is through. The Keats quote of: "things fall apart; the center cannot hold" runs through my mind.
I don't know if it is the Green Lady, the Earthmother, or the Veil, that asks, but I am requested to relieve the pressure on the Veil. So, in my limited knowing way, I speak out, in my newly acquired Faery tongue, and ask the Veil to step back from Those who are not choosing the Light, or who are choosing in some way the Dark or dark forces or something akin to that. And I reach out to help draw the Veil back, so that it isn't stretched to the breaking point. I know what I have done will cause harm and death to Those on the other side, and I ask forgiveness for what I have done, regardless that it is for a Higher Good. I know that the Veil will protect, from the worst of the cataclysmic Change, Those who choose Light or no harm or the best choice for not hurting as they can, like that.

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