Navigation is the word of the day: 6-17-2007
Navigation is the art of getting from point A to point B, using a balance of knowing and knowledge (logic and intuition), ever aware of the changes and transitional nature of life – inside and out, any dimension, environmentally at every level; not from fear but from vigilance, trusting in Spirit to be the final Guide, the last Hand on the helm, the Breath in the sails, the Current in sea and air which holds beyond and within the tempests and turbulences that touch me, and threaten to engulf me.
Navigation is calling me…
Navigation of the stars of my innermost universe; navigation by the stars on the darkest nights at sea; navigation through trust in my own self to do “it” right. Navigation by listening to, and working with, the dolphins who lead by the bow of the ship. Navigation is direction-finding, course-plotting, map-reading, and steering along the lines that call – not necessarily what seems obvious and clearest, but what is called to be, for me, as the best way, as the path of highest good, and trusting that.
Navigation as an action implies work by me to set a course, to plot a direction, to read accurately the map of my heart, to steer with confidence, and trust that choice.
Navigation requires knowledge and knowing of boundaries, barriers, shallows, depths, maelstroms and sand bars; it requires knowledge and knowing of weather patterns, ocean current patterns, wind patterns, and the shifts in those patterns when given little hint of their imminent change. This is the mirror sense of all human interaction, as well. Navigation is listening to wind and sea, the song of the whales, the whisper of the moon.
Navigation is having a good sense of groundedness – of knowing right where I am; knowing exactly where point A is – otherwise, all else is based on a faulty premise, and leads to chaos and confusion, and me ending up at world’s end, going over the edge. Navigation may be singular, or may refer to an entire crew to which my art and science become responsible and important; sets it at a higher purpose and need, beyond just me.
I am not asked to be the Pilot, given a Course to follow; I am being asked to be a Navigator and plot my course Home. I am being trusted by Spirit to do so – hence, the Call. So, now, it behooves me to ask my Guides and use my Knowing to map what heretofore seemed like uncharted territory; to set course, set the helm, and weigh anchor.
It is of no matter that I do not know the substance of the path – merely to know that I have charted it to find the highest good will see me through the Journey. My faith sees the Lighthouse which lies beyond my vision – the eternal Flame that waits patiently at point B.