Journey to the Center of the Milky Way


Winter Solstice 2012:
All planets and sun will be aligned in such a way as to cross through the Center of the Milky Way galaxy. We will be following the ‘sun’ through the Eye of the Needle… to a new World… a new alchemy Way of Being… a new Perspective on Interconnectedness and Interdependence… for some, perhaps, the new Jerusalem.


Alberto Villoldo, through Peruvian Incan shaman prophecies, has indicated that their belief is also focused on the Center of the Galaxy (as do the Mayans – Xibalba/ Cibola). He stated that the Center is like a hole of black Light (astrophysicists indicate the center is a black hole). He further suggested that for those who have learned to walk upon the Earth’s energy lines of golden-sparkly Light, this may be an opportunity to learn how to walk upon energy lines of black Light – and so to journey to the Center – observe what is there, blaze a Trail to follow, bring back the Key to experiencing and aligning with the new World, as our Path traverses the Center. So I accepted the dare.


Grandmother Black Widow Spider came to me to offer assistance – as She can tread the black Thread lines – and can traverse time – as indicated by the hourglass sigil She carries. Soon after that, I received offers to quest from Crow; Panther; my Elf Scout friend; Gar – my angelic gargoyle Guide; and – surprisingly – Satch, my Sasquatch ally. I physically saw my first black widow spider a few days later, and found a beautiful crow feather.


In the Australian Aborigine village where I have been apprenticed to the Chief and his wife, Na’ru for the last 5 years, the preparations for my journey began. My body was painted in various signs. On the middle of my face, a small circle was drawn around my third eye with a line drawn down to my nose and two cross lines above and below my eyes. Spirals were painted on my cheeks, and a dot on my chin. Lightning was painted down my arms and legs, with spirals on my knees and elbows. On my feet – top and soles – bird’s feet were drawn (which I later figured out would help me balance and walk on the Thread). The Buddhist/Reiki symbol of power (Najra) was drawn on my palms, and dots on the top of my fingers to assist the flow of that power. A spiral labyrinth was painted on my belly, with my navel as the center. Circles were drawn around my breasts. On my back, down the length of my spine, a line was painted, with horizontal crossbars of various lengths, kind of like a rooftop antenna. On my shoulders were painted huge claws/ talons, as if I were to be lifted by a really big eagle or something (2 in front, 1 in back).

The Story: June 7, 2009

I sit before the full moon fire. The Fire Tender is holding power for the length of my Journey, with instructions to throw water on me if I have not returned in a half hour. I figure I will only be gone about 15 minutes – no matter the quantum length of this Quest. I carry stones and wear pendants that hold the power of close friends. Two more friends sit around the fire to hold energy for me.
I lay out before me certain items of import and energy specific for this Quest, and have a bag packed with other things. I set my shields and draw into the Sacred Space.
I find myself simultaneously in the Fire Circle at the Council of Animals, around the Faery Ring, and in the Fire Circle of my Aborigine friends. The Aborigine chief passes a cup to Na’ru, who is seated next to me. She hands it to me – suggesting it is a drink which will help me focus on my Quest, and not be distracted by outside noises and actions (not a hallucinogenic, because they know I don’t need that).
I light my candle, and go.

Grandmother Black Widow Spider meets me at the edge of the Galactic Web of Energy. She reminds me that I need to stay on the straight-in Thread that She is walking because all the other Threads are sticky, and will trap me. So, no wandering – no matter what, Coyote-girl.
As She sets off, I follow and am, in turn, followed by black Panther with black Crow riding in between his shoulders. A bit farther back is Gar, then Satch, and –guarding the rear – my Elvin scout friend. Journeying out onto the Thread, I realize there is – not, like, a 50’ drop to cement – but a fathomless drop to nothing. We are traversing space, the Void, the starry, starry night, the playground of the Hubble telescope. I am glad for the bird feet power to keep my balance on the Thread… it doesn’t help my stomach, however.
Soon, there is a tremendously overwhelming screeching – as if the Banshees are angry at what I/ we are doing – and cannot stop it from happening. The noise is quickly becoming distracting (beyond the power of the drink), intolerable, paralyzing. I remember an old gift from a Siren – ‘ear plugs’ – and call for them. The noise abruptly stops – for me anyway – and perhaps for all, as no one else seems to be bothered now either.
Farther on, when the center starts becoming visible, ‘something’ comes hurling through space towards me, to knock me off or kill me, I don’t know. It comes upon me to quick for any reaction or response, and suddenly, I am lifted off the Thread, as it whizzes by. I am set gently back down, and realize that Gar had flown above me, grabbed my shoulders and moved me out of the way of whatever ‘it’ was. NOW I know what the shoulder talons represented. How curious!
The rest of the Journey goes as planned, and we near the Center – the Black Hole – the Portal – the Gateway – the Eye of the Needle. The Web strand stops here, and encircles the Center, like the core of a spider’s web. My questing party moves up to the encompassing Thread, spreading out along it. Grandmother Spider says to me, “We cannot go further. You must go on alone.” She then ties a Thread of Her own weaving around my wrist. (This Thread is the golden sparkly kind). Then I look within the Center.
As I am looking into – onto – this Opening, all I see is water – water with choppy waves almost to white caps, as in an ocean or very large lake. And all I see is water. It is dark blue, attesting to its depth, breadth, and – perhaps – not quite water that I know. It is not swimmable, especially for a beginner. I request my ‘rowboat’ to manifest for me, and it does. (This is the boat I row on/in the Void, to collect tendrils of Sacred Myst, to weave into the Earthmother’s Web – and in healing for certain others – to darn places that are frayed, torn, burned, or poisoned – like that.)
Grandmother Spider quickly weaves out a second Thread from Herself to tie to the rowboat. These Threads are also held in common by my Questing friends. I step into the boat, slip the oars in, and row ‘into’ the Opening’s watery Path. There is a strong current pulling the boat, and soon it is drawing it in an arc. The water gives the appearance of slanting downward, and suddenly I can perceive the reason.
What lies before me is a Maelstrom – yes, capital ‘M’, Maelstrom – dropping off like a Niagara Falls tunnel – like being in the midst of a waterspout so big it could hold several cities in its grasp and they would be but Lego pieces in a hurricane. The thundering of the water is so loud as to drown out any other noise. I can feel the Threads on the boat and my wrist tightening – as my mind-pictures and thoughts are communicated to my Friends.
I can see way too much of the Maelstrom for my own good, I’m sure, but the vast water tunnel is fascinating! I can almost see the Galactic brigantines that can navigate this downward spiraling current and head to space or wherever this tunnel goes. Then, the Threads on my wrist and boat go taut, and bring my attention back to what I am doing (or supposed to be doing)… before I sail down that current following the tall ships.
I look about me - to right and left - and see a bit of shoreline each way – with tall strong trees close by. I consider what I can do in order to assist those who may follow me here – so they will not end up in the Maelstrom. It occurs to me to ask Grandmother Spider for more ‘line’. I maneuver the rowboat to the right hand shore and tie the Thread securely around a tree. Then, with the help and guidance of my Friends who tug and pull on the boat, I get to the left side, and secure the Thread to a tree there. One more move – back and forth – and I weave a ‘net’ to catch those who are pulled in too far, and from which they can make their way across – like a rope bridge on its side – to either shore.
Then, I dock the boat on the left hand beach. The whole land that I can see (no more than 25’ encircling me) is awesomely beautiful. This is what Beauty is really like! All the natural wonders are Earth-like. I might have been at Glacier National Park, for all the Magic and Beauty and Light: the trees, the grass, the birds – everything – as if new – clear – pure – like the First morning – as in the First Creation!
Beyond the 25’, there is an impenetrable Mist – as if nothing exists farther on – as if it is all Unmanifest past that point… and I have a Knowing that this is true. Then, as I make a step in any direction, the Mist steps back that much farther, and more Nature reveals itself: streams, bushes, flowers, animals – all things.
And the most curious of all is that, as I focus on a particular object – like say a tree – I become one with it; not inside it, not moving, but just being at-one-with, and feeling the bark and sap and bugs and birds and earth and roots and tree-thoughts. As I focus on the stream, I again feel the at-one-with sense, and suddenly a bit chillier and wet and fish brushing against my own energy currents, my own skin. Perhaps this is even reciprocal. I do not know.
It is so incredibly amazing! I take another step, and more land is revealed, and more creation perceived and experienced in that quantum holistic manner that has no words. The air is rich and pure. It feels like Earth, purified. I am just drinking this all in – like trying to empty the Grail at one sitting, in one sipping.
And, then, the Thread on my wrist goes taut once again.

I do not want to leave. I want one more step, one more experience of at-one-with, one more breath, one more…

“Earthsinger. Return.”

And the line, in its tautness, begins pulling me, drawing me back to the boat, and I am unwilling for a while, but I have heard my name from my first Quest, some 20 years ago, and I know I must let go. (Not of the line, which is actually uncuttable, but of the exquisitely awesome experience – truly a reflection of all I think Heaven must be.)
I end up in the boat, and row (or am drawn) back to the edge of the Gateway Center. I realize, then, the wisdom of having both Satch and Gar along, for their strength could probably have drawn me through the Maelstrom if needed. When I am finally with my Friends, we all return home – with no distractions or problems on the Trail.


The Aboriginal Chief and his wife, Na’ru, thank me very much for blazing this Trail – for opening the Gateway – and share that the Village is packing up and heading out on the Thread back to the Center and their New World. They tell me they will be happy to see me arrive there in my own Time.