Black Jaguar
Lemurian Spirit
Phantom of the Night
Guardian of the Moon:
protect me...
through all dimensions
and Dark-tossed dissensions
on the Web-paths I trod
against Darklight gods--
protect me.

Last night, as I began my Journey,
I decided to walk down the Mayan tunnel.
Metoc joined me -- my black Jaguar Spirit-guide.
He threw a ward of Light behind us
to seal the tunnel from dark attack and dark things
who may not have our best intentions in mind.
I never think of those things,
and have gotten in trouble before.
We walked out of the tunnel into the rainforest,
to the flat-top pyramid that is my power Source, my Centering, in that Place.
I had come here, because I felt out-of-focus, ungrounded,
and so, lost in a fearful mist. Metoc nudged me,
and I went to the middle to sit in meditation.
Calmer, I stood and, getting centered and grounded, called to the Spirit.
*"North to South
East to West
Above, below
at my request
let Light surround
within, without
a Sphere of Light
- no fear, no doubt -
I ask you, Lord,
to show my Way -
to show what I
need do and say."
And He replied
"This'll be revealed;
but I hold back Time,
til you are healed."*

Jaguar Mask