Manta Ray

Spread your silver wings,
sacred Manta,
and soar upon the currents
of the sea;
here, amidst the blueness,
Spirit's calling...
remember who you are
in Prophecy.

Ho! Rainbow Manta Ray --
Movement of Spirit energy,
soft and subtle
within the River of Light:
I learn to flow,
let go my need for standing;
I learn the peace
that "passeth understanding";
I learn your dance
of gentle grace and trust;
I learn my truth,
once cloaked in fearful dust...
You honor me
by inviting me to see
what prisms hold
in their reality:
all Life exists
within a living Light
that breathes through all --
thus, granting all that right...
no matter what
the choice of life may be,
the Spirit gives,
and gives eternally...
so this my Quest,
for which my heart was molded:
I must BE love,
and never once withhold it.

Journey with Spirit Manta Ray