Journey with Little Bit

I kythed with Little Bit, and journeyed with him through a long mountain tunnel that opened out onto a rainforest vista, at tree-top level.

He jumped onto the treetops like a jaguar and bade me accompany him as a shapeshifter jaguar, too. I found myself trying too hard, and not succeeding in my shifting, slipping through the leaves, until I finally let go of the 'trying' and just became the jaguar.

We were racing across the leaftops, playing, chasing each other, leaping after huge iridescent butterflies, for a long time. At some point, we dropped down into the branches, and I came face-to-face with a huge boa constrictor, lazily wrapped about a branch, dangling his middle coils on a lower branch, half asleep. They are never, ever, fully asleep. Trust me.

He looked at me, and said, "How does this playing instruct you?"

And I considered this for a while, and replied, "Because I believe myself to be a warrior (at least here), then I am free to play, and not be worried about distracting, and non-productive, fears and expectations."

"Exactly," he said.

Puzzled, I asked, "Then why, my warrior-friend, are you not playing?"

"It isn't the playing that is important; it is the doing or being our heart's desire. And I am. Now, please go play somewhere else so I can nap."

And so, Little Bit and I, as our Jaguar-selves, did just that. A little while later, I saw up ahead a macaw, in a glorious raiment of jewel-tone colors. I crept cautiously towards her, so as not to startle or frighten her.

"Don't worry, Jaguar-woman, I also am a warrior; and no, I am not kin to Quetzlcoatl, though I am His messenger." (This last she had apparently read from my thoughts.)

"Do you have a message, then, for me?"

"Yes, I do. He said to tell you not to forget you wear His feathers, and that they provide protection not known to many of the enemies who seek you."


"Yes; all those who serve the Light attract the minions of the Dark. It has always been that way. Your ability to shift to different forms and use different shields works well for you. Quetzlcoatl said to tell you to own your Truth, before it is used against you. Be well, Jaguar-woman, we will meet again."

And she flew down into the rainforest and was lost from sight in seconds. Little Bit and I returned home, although I saw that he had been granted one bright blue feather to carry as a Gift and thank-you for leading me here.