Ocean shudders
--catches his breath--
as the Web shifts
beneath his feet.
Leviathan mutters
--readjusts the Gate--
allowing passage
to Fifth-World's seat.

A tremor...
in the Ocean's depths...
Leviathan pauses...
holds her breath...
and listens;
the Enemy
walks, undaunted, near
...Leviathan pauses...
then disappears
from Vision.

Deep, low thrumming on the Web
...bass clef on a galactic scale...
is almost too low for Leviathan to hear,
but she heard - she had been waiting -
and, alerted, she lifted the Veil
and lit the very ancient indigo flame,
calling the People of the Ocean's depths,
"Come now. Come here for the Gathering."

Indigo-blue, the Flame is free -
two thousand meters below the sea;
prophetic Beacon to denizens who
have waited millennia for indigo-blue;
Leviathan tends the growing Flame
that signals the Time of drastic Change;
and so, the Opening of the Stone
reveals a Portal leading Home:
"Come, Dolphin, Narwhal, Humpback and Blue;
Manatee, Porpoise, Fifth-world and Mu;
Come those thus called, and those unnamed;
Come now and enter the Indigo Flame."