Kangaroo Wisdom

Last night, I found myself walking a dusty dirt road at night, in the Outback. My Aborigine friend, My’kl’n, was on my left. The moon was beginning to rise in front of us, and quietly lay its silver cloak upon the land.
I began to hear rumbling from behind, and turned to see if a storm were coming. No, not a storm… kangaroos…
And they caught up to us and began passing on the right, mostly off the road, jumping quickly - though calmly - down the path.
I asked, “Would one of you stop to speak with me?”
I asked a couple of times, and then an elder one stopped her jump right in front of me. She was big. Very big. And I was a bit startled, but stood my ground.
“What,” she asked, “is it that you seek?”
“I’m curious, is all. I was just wondering where you all were going this night. You seem quite intentful.”
“The Change comes; we move.”
“Not to Ayers Rock?”
“It is not the right place.”
“But, where can you go and be safe with the Change out here?”
“You must be Human.”
“You must be Human to ask such a question,” and she made to move off.
“Wait, please.”
She paused and cocked her head.
“Explain, please.”
She looked at My’kl’n. He shrugged.
“I mean, he’s Human, too.”
“You think too much; know too little. He is of the Earth; he is not separate.”
“And I?”
“I’m not sure. It does appear that you are more than your questions would suggest.”
“I am working on me.”
She looked me over carefully.
“All right. I will answer your question. It is not a matter of finding safety, or relative safety, from the changes within the Change. Safety is an ego-Human concept; it speaks to separateness – or rather, the belief in the Illusion of separateness.”
I pondered this – turning it over and over like a puzzle piece.
I acknowledged to myself that this was extremely important for me to grasp, and I would need to spend time until I did – speaking with others about it, writing about it, pondering its aspects.
“Then, could you share where you are going, in that respect?”
“We are going to a balance point.”
“A balance point?”
“Yes. In order to keep the Earth in balance, in order to keep the Earthmother healthy enough to survive, we move to the place of that balance which is our Calling - all natural beings do. As the changes within the Change manifest, we move to maintain the balance, as we can.”
“Which can mean that you might be put in serious danger, even death?”
“There you go, being all Human and cognitive and separate, again.”
“I’m sorry,” I whispered, “I’m still learning the True Way.”
“Accepted. And, yes, it does seem that sometimes we choose a path, a place, which holds the risk of death – in your terms. But the Higher Good, the Balance of the Earth, is the obvious choice. What is death, anyway? Begin using the lessons your Initiation is teaching you. It is time.”
“Ok,” I replied quietly, “Thank you. I am honored you chose to share this wisdom with me. Good journey to you.”
“And to you. Guide her well, My’kl’n. My guess is that it may be important.”
He smiled at her. Then, she jumped after the last of her family and friends, disappearing into the night. We walked quietly to his village, with the moon now high above us.

The Song:

I don't even know
I don't even understand
Where I need to go
Where I need to make my stand;
I just know it's right
And I know that it's true
I'll just follow the Light
and come on Home to You.

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