Journey with Isis

I kythed with Isis, and journeyed along an autumn path to a cottage I had visited before. As we were invited in, Isis was given a saucer of sweet milk, and I was advised that my Path continued out the back door alone.

As I stepped out the door, I was met by a young dwarf who asked me to accompany him to his mountain village. The backyard was again a pear orchard, and the trees were full of golden glowing pears, that made the scene incredibly beautiful. As we were walking out the back gate, the young dwarf asked to have a pear, but I replied, "These are not for taking beyond the gate."

He acknowledged this, a bit reluctantly, but as truth, and we continued on the path before us. Soon it wound upwards toward the west face of the nearest mountain. The village was built onto the face, in a series of stone homes and terraced fields.

When we arrived there, the young dwarf led me to the town inn, or meeting hall, both. I was invited to sit with what seemed to be a council of various town leaders. They seemed certain I could help solve a problem that could be disastrous for them. Apparently, one of the mines they had been digging for generations, had become slushy at the deep end, and threatened to not only collapse the entire tunnel, but wash the whole village off the face of the mountain. I considered this for a while, and then offered a suggestion.

I said, "Perhaps you can channel the water that is behind the deep end, as it comes through this mine, and use it productively while keeping it from destroying your town. Perhaps if you dig several pits, like wells, you can divert the water into them, and then work a way to further divert the water into irrigation tubes, as it flows through and down the mountain. Perhaps this is a way to make use of the water rather than trying to collapse the mine or block it up to hold the water within. That might cause the water to come through a different mine tunnel anyway."

There was general agreement that this was a good possibility to follow through on; one that had not been previously considered. They offered me my fill of gems from their mines, but I declined, as I enjoyed more being able to help, and did not want to be laden (physically and spiritually) with gems or coins, in any case. They were quick to point out that my own finances would be greatly helped by such richness, but still I declined, for the same reasons.

As I bid them farewell, to follow my path to the next destination, however, I did notice them hand the young dwarf some smaller gems to take back to the pear-orchard cottage and somehow have them used towards my account. It was a very honoring act, and I did not show that I had seen it.