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Appalachian Blue

He was born a child of Light -
shared his heart, so bright and true;
and the Spirit glowed about him
as an Appalachian blue.

He loved his sister and his brothers,
loved his friends and women, too;
but none more than his mother,
with his Appalachian blue.

His song of Light drew people -
some who played, and some so cruel,
some who tried to steal the magic
of his Appalachian blue.

But he never stopped his singing -
played his guitar all he knew;
and even in the Darkness,
he glowed Appalachian blue.

Now he walks the Smoky veils -
no more pain, that tore him through -
for he's crossed to where the Angels
hold his Appalachian blue.


You were Shine; you were Amazing.
You were Light; you were the Song.
You were Faith; you walked with Jesus.
You're still Here, though you are gone.

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