Nothing Good

Everyone knows and everyone can see
That nothing good can come from Galilee
-- We won't let it! --

Verse 1:
He was born in a stable, with swaddling for clothes.
He was born of the poor, and his father - who knows?
He lived as a carpenter, and walked away from that.
He wandered with the fishermen, and in the taverns sat.

Verse 2:
He stood by a woman, who was meant to be stoned.
He took a lonely prostitute, and made her his own.
He healed on the Sabbath, and "anyone" who asked.
He took our Scriptures and our law, and bent them to his task.

Verse 3:
He constantly spoke of love, as if it was
The only commandment, the primary cause.
He walked to his death, as if he had control,
Forgiving the people in body, mind and soul.

Verse 4:
But the world was transformed, by cross and tomb and fire.
The ones who believed were lifted one step higher.
So Christians were conceived by his most righteous death.
And Christians were reborn in his resurrected breath.

Chorus change:
Everyone knows and everyone can see
That something good has come from Galilee!