Grandmother Reiki 4

quieting down, releasing to the flow... allowing, allowing, trusting, trusting the Light flowing from Spirit through Connie to me... allowing

and then, i begin to feel the inflowing and the filling up: a sparkling effervescence of Spirit, life, passion-in the sense of aliveness, golden musical sparklies, filling me up... and i feel it from my toes and working its way up... and i know i will need to inhale - to drown yet again. but this time is different, because i know what i am drowning into... so the shift is different, and the struggle or resistance is not so much at all... and after a while, i take the death breath and feel all the Spirit Light bubbling in me.

i ponder on the Gift of the PeacePipe carved for me... and i find myself on the waters of the Void, in my boat, wrapping bits of Myst around my staff and bringing it to shore. Then, in its own sentient way, it reforms itself, manifesting as the PeacePipe, but made of the silvery Light Myst of this Creative Source. i hold it in my hands, and feel it mix its energy with me and i am dizzy. Lugh appears beside me and walks with me back to his cottage - the grey limestone on the edge of the ocean up in the Pictish land, in the misty fog. he sets me (i think he must've carried me mostly) on the couch in front of a warm fire, with the MystiPipe laying in my arms. my eyes close with the power emanating from the pipe, and i feel the blending of energies, and i hear "it is to be One with: the Pipe is you and you are the Pipe; Spirit breathes through you, through the Pipe, as One; Spirit breathes peace through you"... and the Power ripples through me and i try to maintain a hold on my awareness. suddenly, Clive, the cat, is there on the couch, snuggled up with me... so orange in the gray and silver mistiness of everything... a warm orange and comforting... and i fall to sleep, with tears silently trailing down my cheeks.

The Song:

I'll be Your vessel for peace-
Breathe through me;
I'll be Your vessel for peace-
Draw it through me;
I'll be Your vessel for peace:
Light me up,
Draw me in,
Speak Your Truth,
and let Love begin;
I'll be Your vessel for peace:
Lord, breathe through me.