Grandmother Reiki w/ Lighthawk: 1

Child in small floor space surrounded completely by mirrors; frozen; unable to move; unable to allow aid or allies in because of huge fear; finally, allow Earthmother who stands behind with hands on shoulders, explaining mirror reality to child. Says breaking mirror will break illusion will make child real and released from fear freeze; stone on ‘floor’; child unwilling to break mirror for fear of disappearing, so strong in belief of identity of self in reflection; finally, child picks up stone; longer while finally, child taps mirror with stone; then child breaks mirror with stone and all mirrors shatter; and child feels earthmother’s hands on shoulders and knows herself to be real.

Clive, the cat, energy added on heart and higher heart chakras
Worked on grandfather issue; worked on my not allowing self to feel, to sense energy of others that would detect negative and illnesses and goodness, because of fear to open, because of fear of grandfather regaining power or reclaiming power; told that not a child anymore, would not respond as child now but as warrior woman; regardless of meeting that energy in another individual, results would be different because of warrior nature; and opening would be for highest good and becoming real self…. Released as much as possible to this Truth

Clive energy added on solar plexus and second chakra Issue of white room; transposed electricity to lightning and the thunder beings; thanked them for holding secrets of child past in order to function through life until able to go back and address and heal trauma…thanked those that participated in white room, so that lightning could do its sacred work…

Clive energy on second and first chakra – most damaged physical area – plus left hip/thigh area… Worked on letting go pain and trauma; not sure how effective completely, but a lot; looking to use choice not fear to experience or respond in that area. Great resistance there; refusing to unclench fist or energy of area; finally began tiny little release with Earthmother help…Felt like pulling out of stillborn… from inside there… grandmother bag lady acting like midwife, as well as working through clive as a cat shape-shifter; also spirit-handfasting with her; took me to Stonehenge to middle of circle to bury stillborn… watched light beams connect stillchild to pillars and the sacred sphere of it.

Time spent with Elves and oystershell

Unicorn touches horn to solar plexus

Started session on starry field, or field of stars in space, like that; smile in remembrance, changeling.

Diving to depths of ocean with earthmother’s magic carpet

Went to sacred circle of holy ones from solstice journey for grandmother angel’s healing

Grandmother Reiki 2