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The Fire Elemental

Salamander speaks to me of two kinds of Fire: consuming and non-consuming. He shows me that the center firering, about which the Clan table is roundly built, has a fire that is a Faeryfire - a Spiritfire - that is nonconsuming. The fire grants warmth and safety in and of itself, but uses no fuel. He reminds me of the Journey I had taken, where I found myself in a snow land: all snow, all white, and yet -full of life. I was present in the midst of a White Wolfpack, where the alpha female was giving birth. As she delivered her pup, her eyes caught mine - green fire - and I shifted completely into the pup... and then into a flame of white fire. I could sense the Wolfpack as flames of White fire, as well, and as I came back Outworld, I felt the White Fire flame burning - non-consuming - in my heart. I had not been able to understand this, until now... not that I do understand it, but it is beginning to reveal its message to me slowly now... bits and pieces. Salamander showed me how to "shift" into different colored flames or fire, as the situation called for it. This is still a bit beyond me, but I am more open to it, in the company of this community.

I wrote him a poem (as all my Guides seem to enjoy this):

You dance within the Sacred Fire
and laugh within its Center;
your woven skin of Faery thread
allows no flame to enter;
and as you lay your hands on me
...invoke the Spirit-armor...
you nullify what else would burn --
It is a precious Honor.