Faery Tea

Into the forest of your inner world, I am drawn
Gently into the forest, gently walking beyond
The narrow path that tugs insistently at my heart
Spiraling down and deeper yet within your art;
Into the vortex of your inner self, I am drawn
Among the stars and galaxies, into a silver pond
Touched by a waterfall that whispers in my ear
“Don’t be afraid; there’s only love that lives in here.”
Into the ocean of your inner soul, I am drawn
Flowing on the currents, ever wandering on
Following your Call to depths I’ve yet to know
Deep and deeper, deepest, and farther I will go;
Into the spiral of your Faery world, I am drawn
Your hand in mine, we walk into the brightening dawn
Sunbeams upon our path, we step through mystic doors…
Your sacred Light in mine, and mine in yours.

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finger to lips;
Faery-blue myst;
feeling this
feeling your kiss;
weaving within
a sacred bliss.

A sense of Knowing
River flowing
in rainbow streams
in Faerie dreams
I see you glowing
Time is slowing
in moonlit beams -
in you, it seems,
my trust is growing.

Puzzled at the "knock"
- when most did not
and took what wasn't theirs -
Puzzled with you
who honored anew
the friendship I would share.

when I shift
and know myself to be
right next to you,
I feel
your Faery gift
and tell myself to breath
... so hard to do...

Once in a long ago Land
... or yet just a breath away...
(for time and place cannot stand
in the Truth of the Shaman's Way),
I knew you beyond the Wall
in the Grove of a Faery Keep --
and Listening, I hear your Call,
still touching me ever so deep.

Lighthawk 11-8-4

The “Gathering” Storm-warnings 9-29-4

The Lightning speaks from afar,
Like a ventriloquist,
Like a thrown piece of star,
Piercing the rainy Myst.

The Path is soggy, muddy,
Grabbing my shoes and footsteps
As if to ponder, study,
The cause of my ragged breath.

Pushing through air, as if water,
As if every breath is a chore,
As if every move is “against it”,
Like pushing against a closed Door.

(relevance of this quatrain to lunar eclipse

Poems: 9-22-4

Touch the Rainbow…
Watch it shimmer
As if a Veil of mystic Tide
Calls your Spirit
To remember –
You are yourself on either Side.

In the morning,
I call the sun
To meet me on the hill;
In the morning,
We both are One –
Light of true Light, still.

I walk along a quiet beach
… light and darkness, one…
I walk along a quiet beach
…new moon, new tide, respun…
Upon a path, tween earth and sky
…soft sand beneath my feet…
Upon a path, tween sea and sky
…I’m song and singer, free…
I harmonize with surf and wind
…a Gateway, now, revealed…
I dance among the moon and stars
…my Spirit newly healed.

Polarity, Duality,
Construct of Mortality
And Terran cognitive Thought,
All create a Deep Illusion
Of Despair and Dark Confusion –
Distortion of the Truth of God.

Sun and Rain, interweave
Earth and Lightning, dance
Wind and Thunder, sing together
Storm whispers: “Take a chance!”

Dance, my heart, within the Rainbow
Sing, my soul, released
Unattached within the Flowing
Here, I find my Peace.

“Tis only a memory of my Hands
…which shielded you from the Sight…
that holds you quite attached to Fear
and all that transpired that Night.”

“Ocean, within and without
…Spiritual Tide of Peace…
sings and dances about
the Fire of your Beliefs.”

“Walk, now; move on,
the Path is never still,
but lingers patiently
upon your Will;
Walk, now; move on,
the Path is quite aware –
you step to just discern
that you’re already there.”