A few months later, after much deep initiation and journeys, I got to talk to this Elf again. He came and visited me, at what has become my Elfhome. I am able to BE there, whenever I choose, often when I go to sleep as well. The Elves here have built me a Home in the Village near the edge of the Veil, so that I may invite others to my Home, and those who are Elf-invited may enter the part of my Home inside their Veil. Beautiful vista up here in these trees, and along the walkways! I have been able to bring my partner, our two cats, plus a friendly dog, into the Elfside of my Home.

During our conversation, he mentioned that being an Elcyrr required a lot more listening than I had been doing. He said that ofttimes, when I encounter a sentient life, I try to "communicate" and "think", rather than being still and listening. He asked how I felt, as an Elcyrr. I told him that it felt deeper, different, than a shaman or wizard. It tasted fuller, somehow. There was something more, something beyond. He just smiled. I asked if it would be improper to ask for an Elf-name, as I felt a citizen here now. He said, "No; the king has already prepared one for you."