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The Earth Elemental

There I was - soaking up a sunny afternoon in my soft cushy outside rocker(you'd think it was late spring here!)considering my next move and meeting place (as I've discovered and cultivated a few Faery places on my land) when comes a tapping on my shoulder... A Gnome had appeared out of the huge Ponderosa pine next to me and was gently touching my sleeve. In a comparative sense, he stood about 3 feet tall, and his texture felt as smooth, soft and gentle as flannel. However, he looked like a dark-brown, rough-barked tree come to life. His eyes were depthless pools of wonder, directly connected to his heart. His voice was soft and gentle, as well, with a hint of humor and ageless wisdom. His demeanor was patient, curious, and still. He said, "You know who you are; you know what you are; just be it." That sounded so simple and so incredibly difficult for me, but I knew the Truth of it. And I knew my Truth was caught in distant thrown nets of fear. Not that the fear wasn't justified, but it was long ago gone. I felt like a dolphin who has finally, in exhaustion, broken the tuna nets to freedom at the last possible moment, still carrying pieces of the netting scored into its skin. I am - here and now - still reacting to old pieces of psychological net still imbedded in my thoughts and emotions, dealing with anxiety and stifled expressions of myself... and he knew it. Then we talked a long time about the Earth and foundations, about rocks and their different perception of time, about the rock trolls who move stones and boulders about to keep a balance in Earth elemental energies, and the way plants, stones, and soil adapt to the naturally changing rhythm of the planet. We talked about how, although much wonderful greenery and harmony can be achieved through working respectfully with the Earth Spirits like him and the other Elemental Spirits, it is just as important to become aware of what is naturally occurring in many dimensions because of the Industrialization of Man and his environment. We talked of the importance of conversing with all the Elementals and Faeries to get insight into what the approaching Changes will entail and how things will shift into new natural patterns - that certain plants, animals, waters and winds will disappear altogether from one area only to reappear as "new" in some other area, maybe halfway around the world. The interconnected consciousness of Elementals and Nature allows for this to happen without trauma to them. Then he somberly said, "But for Man... well, this will certainly be a challenge. You and your friends can help in that area, perhaps." We talked more of the Oneness, the Interconnectedness of all Things, and the difficulty of including one's enemies,especially the despicable and vile ones; and I listened as I heard the subtle hint of reference to Industrialized Man for the Faeries and Elementals, because of the destruction and pollution and violation of Nature. He said even the most indigenous peoples were becoming disoriented and disillusioned. Then he asked if I realized that embracing Oneness in that sense was as difficult for many in the Faerie realm as it was in my dimension, and I told him that I had become enlightened to that from my visit to the Oberon in the West Journey. Most had no desire to include Man in their vision of Oneness... and yet the Truth remained: we're all in this together. Then he looked at me, and restated his original comment: "You know who you are; you know what you are; just be it. For now, farewell, but consider yourself welcome to call on me anytime." And just as quietly, he faded back into the Ponderosa as the sun settled nearer the West.