Cosmology-centered Counseling

Individuals -- through culture, family, ethnicity, DNA, Core-self, and other significant factors -- create a cosmology of life within which they interact and interrelate. All actions, reactions, and adaptive behavioral communication (i.e., relationships to others or other objects) are dependent on the perception these persons have developed within their cosmological viewpoint. Intrinsic to this complex weave is the knowledge that choice -- its perception and parameters -- lies within the cosmology of an individual. Therefore, the perception that one can choose "anything" is not realistic -- that one can choose certain behaviors, certain vocations, certain Paths that Others "know" are options -- does not work, simply because they don't "exist" in that person's view of the world. A cosmology includes the following:



3. Imagination

4. Patterns

5. Core Beliefs based on the previous four aspects.

Within this structure are the interactive components:


Learning velocity

Knowledge accessibility

Knowledge retrievability



Accomodative and assimilative skills.

If another person can, in some way, 'expand' a person's cosmological awareness (their world), then 'choice' is expanded as well. This is another reason why it is important for counselors to encourage seekers to uncover and share the choices they perceive as being available to them (or not). One cannot expect, however, that because of this expanded awareness, the seeker will necessarily make a better, more productive or less harmful, choice or change. The counselor can offer alternatives and options from his or her own "world", to see if perhaps some little corner of the seeker's world is similar to the counselor's own. The most effective counselor is one who can immerse into the seeker's world (be in it and not of it) far enough to establish rapport and trust, so to offer what appear to be choices extant within the seeker's own cosmology.


We each, individually, live in a place we have chosen as "safe". For whatever reason, this place is safe. It may not appear so to those Outside of it. It may not be viewed as "healthy", "healing", or even "safe" by Others; but to the resident, it is Safe. We each, individually, live in a safe place where everything exists... but each "thing" - each person, each object, each rule, etc. - is perceived and chosen according to the individual to have a certain relevance and meaning.


You build your aura according to your cosmology, your worldview, your core belief system... as counselors, as persons of integrity and caring, we can choose to help expand the awareness of those whose auras seem to become a self-fulfilling prophecy... what I know to be true is that the more understanding, awareness, and hope you hold in your little world, the more choices you have in the beautification of your aura, deepening the colors, softening the edges, adding music and allowing for the magical spiritual being that is yourself to emerge from its cocoon, and fly.


Seems to me, if you can imagine it, it's not impossible...but it's in the imagining of what I perceive as impossible that I present myself with new possibilities... The thing with quantum mechanics is that this perception bridges the "scientific" world and the "spiritual" world, in both but of neither literal definition. Every perception, every individual, has their own valid worldview, their own true cosmology. The rules of that world work within that world, but not always in relationship to other worlds or within them... generally. There are many ideas of "creation" and at least 6 billion interpretations of that word. That is why it is so important to accept individuals ( and all sentient life) as valid manifestations of Spirit, regardless of the way they communicate their worldview. I can talk science to a scientist and Tao to a Taoist, Fey to Faeryfolk, and rockness to a boulder. It's not about "rightness"; it's about communication and acceptance, companionship and compassion. What else could possibly matter...