Clive Notes

8-27-2007 (Just before Full moon lunar eclipse)
Clive took one paw and crinkled up and down the thin blinds on the front window of Connie's home, for several times, until he had both of our attention... sounded like morse code, but most likely was connected to the word 'blind'... as in 'i was being blind to the answer for my own question'. then he went on the coffee table and started moving and playing with the big pieces of rose quartz, including the heart-shaped one (in case i didn't 'get it')... so like maybe i am being blind to an aspect of my heart chakra or heart. the conversation puzzle was around my trying to understand how to alchemize my before-5 autie self (which is completely connected to the earth and energy) and my after-5 self (after ECT) which is mostly linear, academic, logical, and able to function and interact appropriately in social and work areas.