God is speaking (Pentecost)

God speaks to my heart, and I speak to you.
God speaks to my heart, and I speak to you.
Can you hear me? Do you know what you have heard?
God is speaking - Come and listen to His Word.

English verse
Go in love; go in peace; go in faith.
Go in joy; go in hope; go in light.
Be the love; be the peace; be the faith.
Be the joy; be the hope; be the light.

French verse
Va dans l'amour; va dans la paix; va dans la foi.
Va dans la joie; va dans l'espoir; va dans la lumiare.
Sois l'amour; sois la paix; sois la foi.
Sois la joie; sois l'espoir; sois la lumiare.

German verse
Geht in Liebe; geht in Frieden; geht in Glauben.
Geht in Freude; geht in Hoffnung; geht in Licht.
Sei die Liebe; sei der Frieden; sei der Glauben.
Sei die Freude; sei die Hoffnung; sei das Licht.

Spanish verse
Va'n el amor; va'n la paz; va'n la fe.
Va'n l'alegria; va'n l'esperanza; va'n la luz.
Es el amor; es la paz; es la fe.
Es l'alegria; es l'esperanza; es la luz.

(Key of C: First note - low B)