C'mon, c'mon, sing on!

All the world is singing
praises to the Lord;
All the world is dancing,
dancing in one accord;
All Creation is weaving
a Tapestry of Light;
All the people are singing,
praying for peace tonight.


Sing to Jesus!
Sing to Allah!
Sing Hare Krishna!
Sing to Jehovah!
Sing to Wakan!
Sing to Masau!
Sing to the Goddess!
Sing out loud!
Sing to the Spirit!
Sing to the Flame!
Sing to the Mystery without Name!
Sing to Diana!
Sing to the Sun!
Sing to the Love that makes us One!

C'mon, c'mon, sing on, now!
C'mon, c'mon, sing on!

(Key of C: First note - low B)