Lift me up

Lift me up to the Higher ground,
this Dark is too profound,
I need to hear the sound of Angels praying;
Lift me up to a better Place,
touch me with Your grace,
I need to see the face of Angels praying,
Angels praying, by my side.

Verse 1:
The children weep
and no one gets much sleep;
it's been so hard to keep
myself from falling;
My faith is strong,
but it won't last too long;
I hope you hear my song
and heed my Calling.

Verse 2:
And I don't know
where I'm supposed to go;
there's stuff so far below
I can't retrieve it.
And I can't see
what's to become of me;
There's such catastrophe
I can't believe it.

(Key of A; First note - C)