I'm just a dag
(song for Donna Williams)

Verse 1:
I'm just a dag;
I'm just a tag
on the Tapestry of Life,
and I'm not here
to ease your fear
or to impress.
I'm just a stone;
I'm just a bone
of contention in your world,
but as I am,
I fit God's plan
and I am blessed.

So I sing, "Glory, Halleluia."
I sing, "Glory, Hallelu."
I sing, "Glory, Halleluia."
I sing, "Glory, Hallelu."

Verse 2:
I'm just an itch;
I'm just a glitch
in your PC-driven mind,
but I hold Light
for those who might
need a hand.
I'm just a mutt;
I'm just a rut
in the Highway to your Heaven,
but Spirit's Own
will take me Home,
just as I am.

(First note: D)